Application Requirements

We are, and will conscientiously amend application requirements and we will consider individual and environmental factors of the pandemic as part of our holistic review process. This includes recognition that stay at home orders have impacted many applicants ability to participate in clinical experiences and community service.  We encourage you to be creative and save in acquiring experiences during COVID-19. 

  • If you are enrolled in prerequisite courses that were moved online due to COVID-19, please review the following updates to our application requirements.
  • The requirement that limits online enrollment in lower-division, required prerequisites, to a total of six credits is waived for courses moved online due to COVID-19.
  • The requirement that does not allow the online completion of required upper division prerequisites is waived for courses moved online due to COVID-19.  
  • If your university grants you the option to take courses P/F or S/U, you are advised to take courses for grades. However, the requirement to earn a C- or above in required prerequisites will be waived upon documentation that your undergraduate institution or instructor mandated that the course be changed from graded to pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory, due to COVID-19.
  • For applicants unable to secure a clinical letter of evaluation written by an MD, DO, PA or NP as a direct result of Covid-19, this requirement will be waived and an alternative letter of evaluation will be accepted.

Selection Criteria

Thank you for your interest in UNR Med. Our admissions committee engages in a holistic review of each application to identify students who reflect and fit with our vision, mission and core values and whose application demonstrates: 

  • A passion for medicine.
    • A mature understanding about the role, challenges, and ethical responsibilities of a physician.
    • Examples that demonstrate your commitment to serving and caring for others with compassion and cultural sensitivity.
    • Examples of activities that illustrate how you have nurtured and prioritized your passion for medicine through purposeful exposure to health care.
    • Examples of paid and/or volunteer clinical experiences that include direct patient contact and care.
    • Familiarity with current affairs in healthcare and medicine.
    • An awareness and acceptance of the personal and financial investment required to become a physician.
    • A wellness mindset in relationship to one’s own physical and mental health.
  • A commitment to academic excellence.
    • Self-motivation and accountability for one’s own learning.
    • A commitment to continuous improvement, including the demonstrated ability to solicit and accept feedback.
    • Grades and test scores indicative of an excellent foundational understanding of molecular and macro systems including biomolecules, molecules, cells, and organs and of the psychological, socio-cultural, and biological factors that influence health.
    • Examples of engagement in courses, scholarly projects or research that demonstrate the application of knowledge, critical thinking skills, and quantitative reasoning.
    • A commitment to life-long learning.
  • Professional readiness for medical school.

    UNR Med seeks students who are prepared to meet UNR Med’s code of student professionalism and ready to meet standards of professional behavior. Your application and medical school interviews should demonstrate evidence of:

    • integrity,
    • ethical and moral judgement,
    • reliability and responsibility,
    • dependability and timely responses to requests,
    • mature self-awareness of strengths, weaknesses, and biases,
    • excellent team building and collaboration skills,
    • the ability to communicate (listen, speak and write) effectively and respectfully, to maintain confidentiality, and to appropriately deliver and accept feedback.
  • Personal attributes that align with UNR Med core values.

    UNR Med’s vision of a Healthy Nevada is made manifest by the strength of our people. We value prospective students who are innovative problem solvers, who demonstrate a capacity and commitment to continuous improvement, who will actively contribute to a respectful, inclusive, diverse and socially engaged community, and who demonstrate compassion, care and cultural sensitivity toward others.

Application Information

  • Early Decision Program (EDP) Applicants

    If you meet all residency, MCAT & GPA requirements in any of the categories nelow, you are invited to apply via the Early Decision Program (EDP).  Applying early decision means that you submit one AMCAS application to your preferred medical school by August 1 and that school will notify you with an admissions decision on October 1.

    • If you receive an EDP admission to UNR Med, you will have two weeks to accept the offer. If you decline the offer, you will not be eligible to enroll but may apply to other medical schools.
    • If you are not offered an EDP admission at UNR Med, your application will be reviewed again as part of the regular pool of applications and you are eligible to apply to other medical schools. 

    For more information about how to designate EDP on your AMCAS application, please visit AMCAS EDP

  • Re-applicants

    If you are reapplying to UNR Med, you must re-submit the AMCAS and Secondary applications and confirm that you meet all current requirements for application including residency, MCAT and GPA, and prerequisites.
    Please Note: The committee will accept two (2) letters of evaluation from the immediate past application cycle as long as they were written no more than two (2) years prior to the date you apply and meet all current requirements. The third letter must be new and dated for the current admission cycle year.

  • International or DACA Applicants
    • DACA recipients who have resided in Nevada for 12 months as of October 1 are eligible to apply for admission.
    • Non-U.S citizens are not eligible to apply.
  • Transfer Applicants

    At this time, the School of Medicine is not accepting transfer applications.

Residency, MCAT Score & GPA Application Requirements

To be considered for an interview at UNR Med, you must meet all residency, MCAT Score and GPA requirements listed under Admission Category A, Category B or Category C.

Please note:

  • Meeting the requirements in these categories results in eligibility to apply. Residency for tuition purposes is determined by the University of Nevada, Reno upon receipt of a Residency Request Form that is submitted with your Secondary Application.
  • In general, 90% of students offered admission are Nevada residents or can demonstrate significant connections to the state.
  • Category A

    I can answer YES to one (1) of the following: 

    • I am a U.S. Citizen, permanent resident or DACA recipient who has resided in Nevada for a minimum of 12 months immediately prior to November 1 of the current application year; or
    • I am a U.S. Citizen and have a parent who has resided in Nevada, for a minimum of 12 months immediately prior to November 1 of the current application year; or
    • I graduated from a Nevada high school; or
    • I am a member of the Armed Forces of the United States stationed in Nevada as a permanent duty assignment, pursuant to military orders, or the spouse, family or legal guardian of such a person; or 
    • I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a four-year NSHE institution (University of Nevada, Reno; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Nevada State College or Great Basin College), or
    • I was previously or am currently classified as an in-state student at one of the above 4-year NSHE institutions for the purposes of tuition, or 
    • I have a parent who is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, or
    • I am the spouse or dependent of someone who has relocated or transferred to Nevada specifically for the primary purpose of permanent full-time employment or to establish a business in Nevada within the last twelve months prior to applying to UNR Med, and

     I can answer YES to ALL of the following requirements.

    • I have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.8 or above from an accredited U.S. university, or a 3.5 GPA in graduate courses; and 
    • I have scored a 497 on an MCAT taken no later than September of my application year and within three (3) years of my anticipated year of matriculation.
  • Category B

    I can answer YES to one (1) of the following requirements:

    • I am a U.S. Citizen who has resided in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, or Wyoming for a minimum of 12 months immediately prior to Nov 1 of the application year, or
    • I am a U.S. Citizen and have resided in California counties that border Nevada on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada range: Alpine, El Dorado, Inyo, Lassen, Modoc, Mono, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, and Sierra, for a minimum of 12 months immediately prior to Nov 1 of my application year; and 

    I can answer yes to ALL of the following requirements. 

    • I have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or above from an accredited U.S. university, or a 3.5 GPA in graduate courses, and
    • I have scored a 500 on an MCAT taken no later than September of my application year and within three years of my anticipated year of matriculation.
  • Category C

    I can answer yes to ALL of the following requirements. 

    • I am a U.S. Citizen who does not meet the requirements in Category A or B, but I have significant connections to the state of Nevada and am prepared to request a residency exemption as part of the Secondary application process, and
    • I have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or above from an accredited U.S. university, or a 3.5 GPA in graduate courses, and
    • I have scored a 500 on an MCAT taken no later than September of my application year and within three years of my anticipated year of matriculation.

Application Requirements

Before applying, please confirm that you can meet the following requirements:

Course/Credit Prerequisites

Applicants must meet all of the following course/credit prerequisites at the time of application, or provide a plan to complete all courses/credits prior to August 1 of the year of matriculation into medical school. To inquire about whether a specific course meets a requirement, please send the course name, number, and a link or copy of the courses description to

  • Biology: 15 credits including 2 credits Biology lab and 6 credits of upper division. Labs may not be taken online. Upper-division courses cannot be taken online and may not be Special Topics, Research, Advanced Mentored Research, Survey Courses, or Dissection Team courses. Exceptions will be granted to online limitations for courses moved online due to Covid-19.
  • Chemistry: 8 credits, including a minimum of 2 credits of lab
  • Organic Chemistry: 8 credits, including a minimum of 2 credits of lab
  • Physics: 8 credits, including a minimum of 2 credits of lab.
  • Biochemistry: 3 credits
  • General or Abnormal Psychology: 3 credits 

Supplemental courses and content strongly recommended in preparation for medical school and admission include: Microbiology, Genetics, Calculus, Statistics, Immunology.

Also advised is a solid base in the humanities and social sciences, which may include courses in a wide range of subjects such as history, literature, philosophy, ethics, or computer science.

Please note the following regarding prerequisites course/credit requirements:  

  • All listed credit requirements are in semester hours. To convert quarter credits to semester credits, use the AMCAS Grade Conversion Guide.
  • All courses used to meet prerequisites must have a letter grade of "C-" or above. Exceptions may be available if your course was moved to pass/fail due to COVID-19.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits accepted by your undergraduate institution and listed on an official undergraduate transcript may be used to satisfy lower-division prerequisites, excluding labs.
  • Lower division (100-200 level) prerequisite courses can be taken at any accredited college or university, including community or junior colleges. A maximum of six (6) lower division (100-200 level) prerequisite courses may be taken online. Labs may not be taken online. Exceptions to online restrictions may be available if a course was moved online due to Covid-19. 
  • The following are not eligible and will not meet prerequisite credit requirements:
    • Correspondence or CLEP (college-level exam programs-test out)
    • Pass/fail or audit in lieu of a letter grade
    • Upper division (300-400 level) online courses. Exceptions may be available if a course was moved to online due to Covid-19.
    • Professional school courses 

Test Requirements

Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)
  • You must take the MCAT no later than September of the year your application is submitted and you must meet the minimum score requirement based upon whether you qualify to apply under Category A, B or C above.
  • The oldest MCAT considered will be three years prior to date of your application. If you submit your AMCAS application in 2020, the MCAT must be taken between January 2017 and September 2020.
CASPer Situational Judgment Test
  • Complete the CASPer assessment by October 1 of your application year. All UNR Med applicants must complete the CASPer assessment by October 1 of the application year. If you are reapplying to medical school, you must retake the CASPer assessment.
  • Please visit the CASPer website for information on when registration for the American Professional Health Sciences test (CSP-10111)will be available for the current application cycle.
  • Please note that there are limited testing dates available for your CASPer test so don’t delay registering.
  • You will need to provide your AMCAS ID ​and ​a piece of government-issued photo ID. ​
  • Please use an email address that you check regularly; there may be updates to the test schedule.
  • Please direct any inquiries about CASPer to ​​ or use the chat tool on the CASPer web site.
  • CASPer honors the AMCAS Fee Assistance Program. If you have been approved for the Fee Assistance Program, you can request a fee waiver from CASPer to complete your assessment.

Letters of Evaluation Requirements

Please note the following regarding letters of evaluation:

  • UNR Med accepts Pre-Professional Committee Letters. However, a separate letter of evaluation from an MD, DO, PA or NP must be included within the committee letter or submitted separately.
  • It is recommended that your letters of evaluation be written within six months of the application submission date. Letters written more than two (2) years prior to the application submission date will not be accepted.
  • We encourage you to provide letter writers with copies of your resume/CV, your personal statement and with a link to or copy of the AAMC Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Evaluation.
  • Please remind letter writers to use official letterhead and to sign the letter of evaluation.
  • One (1) Clinical Letter of Evaluation
    • One clinical evaluation written by a physician (MD or DO), a Nurse Practitioner (NP) or a Physician Assistant (PA) who can evaluate, based upon direct observation, your performance within a clinical environment, including any direct patient care, your passion for medicine and your pre-professional competencies. For applicants unable to secure a clinical letter of evaluation written by an MD, DO, PA or NP as a direct result of Covid-19, this requirement will be waived and an alternative letter of evaluation will be accepted.  We encourage applicants to replace this required letter, whenever possible, with an evaluation from someone who can offer informed insights specifically about your aptitude for the practice of medicine and the competencies, experiences and attributes that support your preparation for medical school.
  • One (1) Academic Letter of Evaluation
    • One academic evaluation written by an instructor or faculty member with direct knowledge of your commitment to academic excellence and who can provide information about your thinking and reasoning skills as well as pre-professional competencies that directly impact academic performance.
  • One (1) Other Letter of Evaluation
    • Your third required letter should be from someone who can offer a professional evaluation of how your pre-professional competencies, personal attributes, and life experiences have prepared you for success in medical school and as a physician. We suggest a supervisor, research advisor, volunteer coordinator, clinical provider, or a faculty member.

Application Information

    • UNR Med participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). If you meet all application requirements (including residency, MCAT, GPA, and prerequisites) your first step in the application process is to create an AMCAS account and designate UNR Med as a school to receive your AMCAS application.
    • Upon payment, or confirmation that you are approved for fee assistance, your application will undergo verification by AMCAS and then be released to UNR Med.
  • AAMC Fee Assistance Program
    • The 2021 application fee for AMCAS is $170 and $40 per each additional school. We encourage applicants with financial need to apply to the AAMC Fee Assistance Program (FAP). In addition to waiving the AMCAS application fee for up to 20 medical schools, the FAP program provides free MCAT preparation materials and a discounted MCAT fee.

    • Please note that eligibility for the AAMC Fee Assistance Program has been adjusted to support those experiencing temporary financial setbacks due to COVID-19. Please visit the Fee Assistance Program Coronavirus FAQS to learn more.

  • Secondary Applications
    • Upon receipt of your AMCAS application and MCAT score, UNR Med will invite you to submit a Secondary Application and the $75 application fee. If you are accepted to the AAMC Fee Assistance Program, the application fee will be waived.
    • Please Note: Due to MCAT rescheduling as a result of COVID-19, invitations to complete the Secondary Application will not require an MCAT score for the 2021 application cycle. However, we must receive an MCAT score before you can be considered for an interview.
    • If you receive an MCAT score after completing the Secondary that does not meet the required minimum score, you may request a refund of the Secondary application fee.
    • No refunds are available for AMCAS fees.    
  • Secondary Questions

    The Secondary Application includes the following four essay questions:

    1. Describe your primary motivation for applying to UNR Med, your most important connection(s) to the state of Nevada and any plans for using your career in medicine to support our vision of a healthy Nevada.
    2. Describe a time when you were faced with a significant life crisis, a personal struggle, or an academic or professional failure. How did you respond and how did your experience impact your future actions?
    3. Nevada faces health care challenges that include racial and ethnic health disparities, a shortage of physicians in our rural communities, and inadequate medical services for our LGBTQ community and for non-English speakers. Describe how your prior experiences have prepared you to deliver care to underserved patients.
    4. Describe and share what you learned from an experience providing direct patient care.

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