CMPP Journal Clubs

Fall Semester

Seminar Series (CMPP 794)

Description: Students will meet and review published works of visiting faculty invited for the CMPP Seminar Series, prior to the speaker’s visit. Coupling this informal Journal Club to the speaker’s visit will increase engagement of the students with the seminar material, generating discussion and more informed questions during the seminar itself.

This journal club will corroborate the objectives of the Seminar Series (CMPP 790), and students are encouraged to enroll concurrently.

Structure: Journal club will meet to discuss recent impactful publications from the visiting seminar speaker, 1-2 days prior to the speaker’s visit. Eight speakers are scheduled for the fall semester (see below). During the course of the semester, each student will present one recent primary research paper representative of the visiting speaker’s research program, and participate in discussion of works presented by their peers. Additional articles may be added in other areas of interest, depending on enrollment.

Grading: Grades will be based on attendance (30%), participation (30%), and presentation (40%).

Time and location: 4:00-5:30 Wednesdays, prior to speaker visit, CMM 113. Speaker schedule is listed below.

Moderators: Dr. Robert Renden (, Dr. Cam Tran (

Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Mechanisms in Health and Diseases (CMPP 794)

Description: The aim of this journal club is to explore and understand the recent advances in the regulation of cardiovascular function in health and disease. Students will be exposed to a broad range of cardiovascular research areas from single cells to whole animal physiology and electrophysiology. Discussion of articles recently published in leading journals of the field of cardiovascular science will be led by individual members on weekly basis. Special attention will be paid to critically evaluating the merits of the various techniques used, the results obtained and if the data supports the final conclusions of the study. Students taking this course for credit are required to present a paper during one of the sessions. Grading will be based on attendance, presentation and discussion during the journal club.

Participating Faculty:

  1. Dr. Albert Gonzales 
  2. Dr. Bradley S Ferguson 
  3. Dr. Cam Ha Thai Tran 
  4. Dr. Elizabeth J Akin 
  5. Dr. Nathan Grainger 
  6. Dr. Normand Leblanc 
  7. Dr. Robert Harvey 
  8. Dr. Shailesh Agarwal 
  9. Dr. Scott Earley 
  10. Dr. Yumei Feng Earley 

Departments: Pharmacology, and Physiology and Cell Biology

Time and location: 4:00 – 5:00 pm on Mondays in Jones Conference Room (Savitt 54)

Journal Club coordinator: Dr. Lai Wen