Post-Doctoral Positions

We are recruiting highly motivated post-docs to work on several of our NIH-funded FSHD projects.  In addition, we are always willing to hear your ideas as we want our people to enjoy their research and work in their area of interest. 

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine provides an excellent environment for research on muscle development and disease.  In addition, the Reno, Nevada, area is a wonderful place to live, with many of the amenities of larger cities without many of the difficulties and expense.  Reno is located ~500 miles north of Las Vegas in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  You can't work all the time (just most of the time);  fortunately world class recreation is nearby.  We are a 45 minute drive from Lake Tahoe, 2.5 hrs from the Tioga Road entrance to Yosemite National Park, and an easy drive to the Bay area or south to Monterey and Big Sur.

Please submit your CV and a brief statement covering your laboratory expertise, why you are interested in working on FSHD and contact information for three references to Peter Jones and we will get back to you.

Graduate Students

We are unable to accept additional graduate students at this time.