Community Faculty Spotlight

Each day our community faculty illustrate their commitment to educating future physicians through their passion for teaching and examples of excellence. This month, Joseph Thomas, MS2, shines a spotlight on Krista Colletti, M.D., Pediatrician with Aspen Pediatrics, UNR Med Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics.

"I was fortunate to work with Dr. Krista Colletti at Aspen Pediatrics. I came into the office nervous about having to work with pediatric patients and their parents, neither of which I had had much experience working with in my previous preceptorship. Coming fresh out of summer break didn't ease the feeling of being a fish out of water, but Dr. Colletti immediately made me feel comfortable being in her office filled with Pop figures and frogs.

She eased me into things, teaching me little tips and tricks on how to do a pediatric exam while making sure the patient was having fun with it too. She made going to the doctor's office fun for the children, and in the process made it much more low stress for me. Her compassion for her patients and love of pediatric medicine was contagious and got me to start considering it as a possible career for myself.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Colletti is very active with her family and throughout the community. She balanced many things that I had been starting to worry I wouldn't have time to do in the future and gave me tons of valuable career and life advice over the course of the preceptorship. I feel very blessed to have been able to work with Dr. Colletti and to have learned as much as I have from her."

Thank you, Dr. Colletti, for your continued commitment to medical education! You are making a difference as a clinician educator, and it shows. For her efforts, Dr. Colletti will receive a UNR Med vest.

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