Dr. Ivan Anderson, March 2018

Each day our community faculty illustrate their commitment to educating future physicians through their passion for teaching and examples of excellence. This month, Trevor Moravec, MS2, shines a spotlight on Ivan Anderson, M.D., Renown Regional Medical Group.

Last fall, I was given the opportunity to expand my clinical knowledge as well as my patient care skills with Dr. Ivan Anderson at Renown Health's Institute for Heart & Vascular Health. One of the many highlights of this experience was being able to begin working on my transition to seeing patients solo. When I started my preceptorship with Dr. Anderson I would accompany him in patient rooms and observe his interactions with patients and how he was able to gather an adequate history for patients with cardiovascular complaints. Eventually, I was able to start the patient encounter and work into the exam accompanied by Dr. Anderson. My time in the hospital was another added benefit as my previous experiences in this area were slim. It was great to learn more about the daily routine of what seeing patients in this different environment was like and how their management compared with those we saw in clinic. Another exciting part of this experience was observing transesophageal echocardiograms. Afterward, Dr. Anderson would review the pertinent anatomy and how to locate key structures on the imaging as well as reviewing any pathology seen. As a medical student one of the greatest resources to have is a physician mentor to help guide us in our own journeys and educate us with their knowledge gained through their own experiences. During my time spent with Dr. Anderson I found him not only to be an outstanding physician, but also an excellent educator.

Thank you, Dr. Anderson, for your continued commitment to medical education! You are making a difference and it shows. For his efforts, Dr. Anderson will receive a UNR Med vest.