Dr. Elizabeth Hutson, November 2016

Each day our community faculty illustrate their commitment to educating future physicians through their passion for teaching and examples of excellence. The Office for Community Faculty would like to shine a spotlight on one of the greatest assets of the School of Medicine, our community faculty. You are making a difference.

This month's Community Faculty Spotlight is Dr. Elizabeth Hutson, M.D., Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. Her nominators report that Dr. Hutson, "is a fantastic teacher that is attentive to the residents' needs and allows us to participate in more types of pathology than we would normally get to see in the Family Practice Clinic." And, "her balance between active and classroom learning has given us the experience that we need to be better physicians in our own Family Practice Clinic." Thank you for your service Dr. Hutson, we appreciate you.

How long have you been serving as a community faculty member?

I have been a community faculty member since moving to Reno in 2001.

How do you serve?

I have been involved with premed and medical students as both a lecturer and a preceptor. More recently, I taught the third year medical students during their GYN rotation. For many years, I have been the GYN faculty preceptor for the Family Practice Residents. They spend four weeks with me in my office and in the OR to learn about women's health during their second year.

What is your favorite part about being a community faculty member?

I love meeting the future of medicine. I love the freshness of the students, the passion, new ideas, and the collegiality. I love feeling heard, understood and appreciated.

What would you tell other physicians who are thinking about serving as a community faculty member?

Just do it! It is a wonderful opportunity to expand and grow. You get to work with a wonderful group of people.

Why do you continue serving as a community faculty member with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine?

I serve to share my passion for the practice of GYN/Urogyn with others, as well as to collaborate with others in medicine. It's FUN!