Dr. Merritt Dunlap, May 2018

Each day our community faculty illustrate their commitment to educating future physicians through their passion for teaching and examples of excellence. This month, Morgan Clancy, MS1, shines a spotlight on Merritt Dunlap, M.D., Carson-Tahoe Hospital.

My first time in a preceptorship as a medical student I was extremely fortunate to be able to work with Dr. Dunlap. My very first day in my preceptorship, I was able to see patients on my own, discuss the cases with Dr. Dunlap, write SOAP notes, and more! My expectations for a preceptorship were far exceeded and I gained more out of this experience than I have since I began medical school last semester. Going into the preceptorship, I was nervous and very uncomfortable as it was my first time seeing actual patients. After 10 weeks spent with Dr. Dunlap, I came out of the experience full of confidence and am now able to visit patients and gather the information I need, perform a focused physical exam, and be prepared to discuss the case with an attending. Outside of seeing patients, Dr. Dunlap would teach me about disease pathology, discuss current events in medicine, help me to better myself at EKG reading, and would discuss my path while giving me great advice on how to further myself and achieve my goals. I am very blessed to have spent this semester with Dr. Dunlap and I will always be grateful to have an amazing influence such as him in my life. I will remember this experience throughout my medical career.

Thank you, Dr. Dunlap, for your continued commitment to medical education! You are making a difference and it shows. For his efforts, Dr. Dunlap will receive a UNR Med vest.