Dr. Devang M. Desai, September 2017

Each day our community faculty illustrate their commitment to educating future physicians through their passion for teaching and examples of excellence. In earlier newsletters, community faculty spotlights were nominated by departments. Our medical students and residents also wanted the opportunity to highlight and show gratitude to their community faculty. This month, Spencer Johnson, MS4, shines a spotlight on Devang M. Desai, M.D., Saint Mary's Cardiology Group; Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, specialty in Internal Medicine.

"When a fuel pump starts to fail, you will first notice it while on the freeway. The worse it gets, you will notice it around your neighborhood-and eventually, it will even struggle in the parking lot." Dr. Desai continued talking to his patient. Is he a car mechanic? No, but he is an excellent teacher. He was able to describe the symptoms of angina and the importance of regular exercise, in terms the patient could understand. He continued on with his metaphor, but as he did I began to think to myself, "This information is more complex than what a patient normally requires..." which is when I realized that while still talking to the patient, he seamlessly began teaching me finer details about the pathophysiology of coronary artery disease. Dr. Desai was able to do this all the time, with different analogies for different patients. His ability to teach both patients and students at the same time is impressive; building rapport with patients while simultaneously educating students. He is a great example to me, and to the many students who work with him, of what we aspire to become as future community faculty physicians.

In appreciation for his efforts, Dr. Desai will receive two free tickets to a UNR home football game. Thank you Dr. Desai for supporting our students. You are making a difference!