Department of Pharmacology

PHAR 497/697: Selected Topics (1 to 3+0): credits 1 to 4

  • Emphasizes current literature of pharmacologic interest. Maximum of 8 credits.
  • Recommended Preparation: Background course in pharmacology.

PHAR 499/699: Directed Research (0+3): credits 1-4

  • Guided research in any of the areas of mutual interest to the student and faculty.
  • Maximum of 8 credits.

PHAR 692M: Problems in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics: credits 0 (Medical School Class Elective)

  • Discussion and literature search of therapeutic problems in specific case histories; indications and contraindications of drug therapy in relation to basic pharmacologic properties; expected beneficial results, possible side effects, adverse reactions and drug interactions. Limited to M.D. students. Interested students should contact the Department Chair to arrange for a tutor (775) 784-4800.

PHAR 695: Seminar (1+0): credits 1

  • Presentation on special topics in pharmacology.
  • Maximum of 2 credits.

PHAR 710: Molecular Pharmacology (3+0): credits 3

  • This course details the development of our current understanding of receptor signal transduction in mammalian systems. This course is designed for graduate students earning the Ph.D. and interested in careers in biomedical research and development in academia or industry. The course will focus on the molecular biochemistry of receptor structure; mass action considerations governing ligand-receptor binding interactions; molecular pharmacology of transduction of the receptor signal and specific considerations of receptors as pharmaceutical targets. Intended for Molecular Biosciences graduate students pursuing a specialization in pharmacology, this lecture-based course will employ computer-based exercises to teach data analysis and interpretation. Students will use the original scientific literature from a reading list provided.

PHAR 725: Ethics and Scientific Research (2+0): credits 2, S/U only

  • A student-led forum in which ethical issues associated with the conduct of scientific research are considered in detail. Limited to students seeking Masters or Ph.D.

PHAR 730: Introduction to Imaging And Optics (3+0): credits 3

  • Same as BME 730. Theory and practical aspects of microscope-based techniques currently utilized in research in both the life and physical sciences. Limited to students seeking Master's or Ph.D. degrees.

PHAR 750: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Excitability (3+0): 3 credits

  • Focuses on the molecular biological and biophysical characteristics and pharmacological properties of voltage and ligand-gated ion channels, and other ions transport proteins in a variety of excitable cells. Limited to students seeking masters and Ph.D. degrees.
  • More information about PHAR 750

PHAR 770: Reproductive Pharmacology: 3 credits

  • Provides a background in reproductive physiology and explore recent pharmacological developments in reproductive biology.
  • Prerequisites: Phar 710, BCH 705 or CMB 710

PHAR 793: Independent Study: credits 1 to 6

  • Laboratory and library research projects conducted by Ph.D. students under supervision of faculty members in Pharmacology.
  • Prereq(s): Graduate major in a biological science.