Medical Social Justice (SCiMSJ)

Course Coordinator:

Mentors at Large:

Medical Social Justice

The Scholarly Concentration in Medical Social Justice certifies that the recipient has completed at least 320 hours of study (self-directed, didactic, practical/hands on) and has demonstrated a working knowledge of the principles and approaches to Medical Social Justice. This course of study provides students an experience beyond the scope of their conventional curriculum and translates personal interests and activities into scholarship. This is Scholarly Concentration broadens research opportunities at UNR Med.

UNR Medical Students who earn a Scholarly Concentration in Medical School Justice will: 

  • Conduct action research discovering solutions to health care disparities;
  • Disseminate results of research in scholarship, policy change, legislation, or community action;
  • Develop and practice organizational skills in investigation and policy change;
  • Produce a scholarly work which describes actions and outcomes of their effort.

Scholarly Concentration in Medical Social Justice topics:

  • Medical outcome disparity
  • Medical access disparity
  • Medical treatment disparity
  • Medical policy disparity
  • Geographical marginalization
  • Structural disparity

Structure of the Scholarly Concentration in Medical Social Justice program:

  • Program will have a Course Coordinator/Director who will create application, policy, longitudinal activities plan, identify mentors; supervise and implement
  • Concentration will enroll MSIs and guide them through 4 years of study.
  • Students must enroll and begin work on Medical Social Justice Concentration by Fall Recess of year one
  • Students will work with the course coordinator to develop a plan for earning the Scholarly Concentration. Students will be responsible for logging hours and maintaining a portfolio describing topics covered, activities, self-assessments, and examining areas for growth
  • Coordinator may serve as a mentor or may identify and coordinate another mentor for students
  • Students will meet with course coordinator at least twice annually and will have quarterly meetings with mentor
  • Required 8 weeks of time (320) hours over 2 ½ -3 ½ years
  • This will be a challenging Concentration and positions will be limited