University of Nevada, Reno plans to enhance its standing as a Tier 1, Top 100 public institution and progress towards a Carnegie RU/VH (very high research) designation. The Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology enjoys high visibility within the School of Medicine due to its active on-campus clinic, and the research activity of the faculty. The faculty is engaged in research in specialty areas, and encourages student participation in research projects. The faculty is also active in various professional and scientific interests.

Neurogenic Research Lab

The Neurogenic Research Lab is run by Dr. Tami Brancamp

Autism Research Lab

The Autism Research Lab is run by Dr. Debra Vigil.
Please contact Dr. Debra Vigil at (775) 784-4887 or at

BLLING Youth Research Lab

Thank your for visiting the Building Language and Literacy in Growing (BLLING) Youth Lab! We are excited to be an integral part of University of Nevada, Reno and the surrounding communities. We welcome you to learn about our mission, current projects, past projects, and presentations.


Building Language and Literacy in Growing (BLLING) Youth Lab's mission is to:

  1. Contribute to the field of speech language pathology by conducting research, which focuses mainly on language and literacy skills in growing youth.
  2. Provide undergraduate and graduate students with research experience in the field of speech language pathology.
  3. Serve as a community resources by collaborating with the local community (e.g., schools, parents, after-school programs, private practice, etc.) to serve community needs such as training, assessments, or developing projects.
  4. Serve as a word-wide community resource for speech language pathology by creating curricula, conducting service learning projects, and collaborating on customized projects.

Research Topics

Dr. Abbie Olszewski's research focuses on clinical skill development for speech-language pathologists with an emphasis in language, literacy, and transgender women. She involves both undergraduate and graduate students in her research. She is particularly interested in developing language and literacy skills of children who are at-risk or culturally and linguistically diverse. Addtionally, she is training speech-language pathologists about the language and literacy development of children who are Spanish-English bilinguals, Native American, and who have a hearing loss. The BLLING Youth Research Lab also focuses on parent, teacher, and community trainings of language and literacy skills.

Word-Wide Volunteer Efforts

Dr. Abbie Olszewski's volunteer efforts are currently highlighted as her position as the Director of the first free, high quality, Speech Language Pathology Program with Dr. Olszewski and her research assistants are creating the first five courses of this program including the following: Introduction to Communication Disorders, Phonetics, Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism, Introduction to Audiology, and Speech Language Development.

Please contact Dr. Abbie Olszewski with any questions at (775) 784-4887 or