Diversity Dialogues

We are constantly faced with difficult, multi-faceted issues of diversity and inclusion, with no clear solution. Diversity Dialogues provides a space in which everyone can communicate, be heard, and engage with the complex problems we all face. Diversity Dialogues is an open discussion of diversity and inclusion issues and the diversity initiatives at UNR Med.

Cultivating Wellness: Latino Doctors Nurturing Healthier Communities

In this Diversity Dialogues session, we highlight the integral role Latino medical professionals play in promoting holistic health within their communities. We'll delve into the cultural
competence that fosters trust, the innovations addressing disparities, and the power of collaboration to create a healthier, more inclusive future.

Date and Time: 9.28.2023 | 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Open to all Faculty Staff, Residents, and Students

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