Recruitment & Retention

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion aims to increase a culture of diversity and inclusion through the recruitment and retention of faculty and senior administrative staff. Information about the Office of Professional Recruitment and current position openings.

Faculty Search Policy for Excellence and Diversity

The Faculty Search Policy for Excellence and Diversity requires a diverse search committee and that every search committee member attend a training on how to promote diversity at each stage in the hiring process. Included in this training is an assessment of implicit bias (IRAP) and different methods for identifying and managing unconscious bias in the hiring process. Through targeted advertising, diversity training, and the de-identification of data when evaluating candidates, each search committee as able to better manage bias and promote diversity and inclusion throughout the entire hiring process. Additionally, checklists are monitored by the Office of Professional Recruitment through the process, in order to ensure adherence to the policy.

Standing Search Committee

The Standing Search Committee (SSC) is a core search committee that is utilized during searches for leadership positions, such as Chairs, Deans, and Directors. The SSC similarly utilizes the best practices outlined in the Faculty Search Policy for Excellence and Diversity, in addition to utilizing best practices from the literature. The SSC has undergone training on the promotion of diversity at every stage in the search and hiring process. Additionally, each stage of the search process includes a monitoring of the candidate pool, in order to ensure that the pool remains diverse and inclusive. One particular tool that the SSC developed is the Checklist to Promote Diversity and Inclusion. This checklist allows the SSC to ensure that there is attentiveness to best practices, as well as the maintaining of a diverse pool of candidates throughout the entire search process.