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 Silver & Blue Catering

UNR Med Event Tips

On campus:

Silver and Blue Catering manages events across campus. Facts that will help them create a proposal for your event include:

  • Event format (reception, dinner, luncheon, buffet or served)
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • Time of day
  • Location
  • Per person budget
  • Plastic or china

The catering menu is a great place to start; however, don't feel bound to it. Silver and Blue Catering is available to discuss other options and direction as requested. Sharing your catering budget per person in advance will help them draft a proposal commensurate with your expectations and within your price range.

Consider all dietary restrictions (nut, dairy, shellfish allergies, etc.) when creating your menu. Include a meat option, a vegetarian option, and a vegan option.


Included in your service, catering will skirt your food and beverage tables in the color you wish. For a clean, professional look we like skirting in all white when possible. Catering will also rent you linens for your cocktail or dining tables at an affordable rate. Please check with them for complete details. Events and Protocol also has linens available, and you will only incur the cost of laundering the linens. Contact Events and Protocol to request access to view our linen inventory.

Hosting (expenses related to food, beverages and gifts)

Hosting funds must be pre-allocated and approved.


In order to serve alcohol at an event, you must receive prior approval. Silver & Blue catering is a licensed liquor vendor (LLV) and must be used for on-campus events.