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UNR Med Event Tips

We offer the following for your consideration when booking a venue:

  • If going off campus, be aware of caterers contracted with your venue to ensure you can afford them within your budget.
  • Reserve with ample time to allot for set-up and cleaning after your event.
  • What audio visual capacities are there in this venue? Are there fees associated?
  • How does this venue layout for your programming?
  • What accessibility accommodations are available for your guests?
  • How far do your guests walk to make it to your venue?
  • Is the facility able to accommodate your needs with staging, podium, tables, chairs, signage etc.?

Campus Capacities:

  • Church Fine Arts - Nightingale Concert Hall: 600
  • Church Fine Arts - Proscenium Theatre: 260
  • Davidson Math and Science room 110: 458
  • Edmund J. Cain Hall room 103: 259
  • Joe Crowley Student Union - Theatre: 219
  • Joe Crowley Student Union - Glick Ballrooms: up to 1000
  • Jot Travis room 100: 335
  • Lupan Auditorium: 150 (100 chairs in room)
  • Willian N. Pennington Health Sciences rooms 102 and 103: 200 each
  • William N. Pennington Health Sciences room 229: 12
  • William N. Pennington Health Sciences room 214: 20 at table
  • Scrugham Engineering and Mines room 101: 249