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Parking services 

UNR Med Event Tips

Information parking services will need to know in advance to draft you parking plan:

  • The event name or title
  • The department or organization hosting your event
  • The date and time of the event
  • The event location
  • The estimated number of attendees
  • Who will be paying for parking? (share Workday work tag)
  • Indicate directional signage needed (direct from Virginia Street and from Evans Avenue)
  • Cost Savings – Request already existing "School of Medicine Event Parking" signage

Options UNR Med Events have used in the past that may be available upon request:

  • Request parking for your guests in a specific parking zone/area. Parking services will bill for any cars that do not display a valid campus permit for that area.
  • Create and distribute a permit to give to guests in advance. Parking services will look for your approved permit and bill any cars displaying this permit.
  • Request and distribute a code for a parking kiosk. Guests will enter the code your provide in a kiosk then place the parking validation visibly on their dashboard.
  • For small or VIP events, have parking spaces coned and a parking attendant to remove the cone as each guest arrives. You will be billed for every space coned.
  • VIP arrangements are encouraged for Board of Regents and elected officials. Contact our team for more information.