Post-Baccalaureate Program

M.D. Admissions

The 2017-18 Post-Baccalaureate Students

2017-18 Post-Baccalaureate cohort at the University of Nevada, Reno

Post-Bac Information Sessions

Information Sessions are offered in both Reno and Las Vegas and  include a one-hour application workshop and the opportunity to meet and ask questions of the program staff and faculty, current students and/or alumni. 

Tuesday, October 8, 6:00-7:30pm, Pennington Health Sciences Bldg. Room 102, Reno, NV
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Monday, November 4, 6:00-7:30pm, 9075 W. Diablo Drive, Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV

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About the Post-Baccalaureate (Post-bac) Program

The Post-Baccalaureate (post-bac) Certificate program at UNR Med is an early assurance admission program for individuals who require additional education in the sciences in order to be academically prepared for success in medical school.

The objective of the post-bac program is to help address disparities in education, health care and the health care profession within Nevada. Therefore, the program gives preference to candidates who are  Nevada residents and to individuals who are members of groups that are underrepresented in healthcare, or who live in or were raised in a medically underserved community.

Applicants accepted to the post-bac complete a rigorous program that purposefully mimics the intensity of medical school. Programs of study are created individually for each student based on their academic needs and may include upper-division biology, biochemistry, public health, and other related subjects.

In addition to completing upper-division courses, post-bac students:

• Attend regular team-based-learning seminars to sharpen their study skills and other competencies needed for medical school.

• Attend monthly advising meetings.

• Enroll and complete Med 461, MCAT preparation*

• Attend a summer MCAT Prep course at the end of the academic year.*

*Post-bac students who have previously taken the MCAT may be eligible to waive MCAT prep course requirements if their score meets criteria set by the UNR Med Admissions Executive Committee.

Application Requirements

• Be a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident of the U.S. or a DACA recipient.

• Complete or be on track to complete a bachelor's degree by the start of the Program in August.

• Complete the prerequisite course requirements described below prior to the start of the program. 

• Have an undergraduate GPA between 2.85 and 3.40, or a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the last 30 credits of college coursework.

NOTE: Meeting application requirements does not guarantee selection for an interview.


Applicants are required to complete the following prerequisites before starting the Post-baccalaureate Program.

• 15 credits in biological sciences
• 8 credits in general chemistry
• 8 credits in organic chemistry
• 8 credits in physics
• 3 credits in psychology

Letters of Recommendation

UNR Med will only accept three (3) recommendation letters and require the following letters for your application to be considered complete:

  • One letter from a clinical setting, required to be written by a licensed Doctor of Medicine (MD), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Physician Assistant (PA), or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
  • One letter from an academic setting, strongly encouraged to be written by a science professor, or from a research experience
  • One "other" letter of your choice, such as another teacher, an employer, volunteer coordinator, etc.

Selection Criteria

Each cycle, UNR Med invites thirty applicants to interview for the post-bac program. UNR Med seeks applicants who clearly exhibit the Pre-Professional Competencies identified by AAMC as core competencies for entering medical students.

Applicants should have extensive exposure to the practice of medicine and significant clinical experiences that include direct patient care. They should be able to demonstrate a clear motivation for pursuing a medical degree, an informed understanding about the role of a physician. and an awareness of both the challenges and rewards of a career as a health care provider.

Preference is given to applicants who are Nevada residents and to applicants who/who are: 

• 1st generation college graduates (neither parent graduated from college with a bachelor's degree)
• From low-income households where cost or other factors have created a disadvantage in an applicant's access to or pursuit of higher education
• Identify as a member of a group that is underrepresented in the healthcare professions
• From medically underserved communities
• U.S. Military Veterans

Criteria for Assured Admission

Students accepted to the Post-bac who complete all requirements, exhibit excellent professionalism, who earn a 3.5 GPA in the program and meet the MCAT and Interview criteria are assured a seat as a medical student at UNR Med. Information about MCAT and MMI are determined each year by the Admissions Executive Committee and criteria is provided to candidates upon admission to the program.

Application & Program Timeline


Nov 15: Online post-bac application available **Please note that the 2019 Post-Bac application open date has been delayed and will now open on November 22**


January 12, 2020: Applications due Sunday, January 12, 2020 at 11:59pm
February 1: (approximately): Candidates selected for interviews notified.
February 19: Interviews
March 15: Admitted students notified
August 24: Post-bac fall classes start


January 19: Post-bac spring classes start
May-July: Summer MCAT Prep program
July 1: Deadline to submit AMCAS application
July: Take MCAT 


August: Medical School Starts2019

Post-Bac Application Components

Due to the delay in the 2019 application open date, UNR Med has released a list of application support documents that will need to be submitted for your application to the Post-Bac Program to be considered complete. We encourage you to begin compiling these documents before the application opens.

  • Unofficial transcript copies for each college or institution attended: You will be asked to upload unofficial transcripts for each college/institution attended. If you attended a school that does not allow you to easily access and download your unofficial transcripts via an online portal, we suggest you begin collecting those transcripts now, as they can take multiple weeks to order and ship. Please note that if you are invited to interview with the Post-Baccalaureate program, you will need to submit official transcripts for each college/institution attended.
  • Three letters of recommendation: Your letter writers will be able to submit their letters after November 22, but it is a good idea to follow up with your writers to ensure they have a letter drafted and ready to upload when the application opens.
  • Short essay question responses: Below are the essay questions you will find in the 2019 Post-Bac application. We encourage you to begin drafting your answers before the application opens on November 22.

2019 Post-Bac Application Short Essay Prompts

The below questions are short essays included in the Post-Bac application. Applicants to the Post-Bac program may pre-write their answers to the questions and paste them into the application after the application opens on November 15. **PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 2019 POST-BAC APPLICATION OPEN DATE HAS BEEN DELAYED AND WILL NOW OPEN ON NOVEMBER 22**

1. Use the space provided to explain why you want to go to medical school. (Character limit: 5,300 including spaces)

2. Please tell us about any prior educational experiences or challenges that have led you to a post-baccalaureate program rather than applying directly to medical school. How will you use the post-baccalaureate program and the following gap year to better prepare for success as a medical student at UNR Med? (Character limit: 3,000 including spaces)

3. Describe a time when you were faced with a significant life crisis, a personal struggle, or a professional failure. How did you respond and how did your experience impact your future actions? (Character limit: 2,000 including spaces)

4. Nevada faces health care challenges that include racial and ethnic health disparities, a shortage of physicians in our rural communities, and inadequate medical services for our LGBTQ+ community and for non-English speakers. Describe how your prior experiences providing direct patient care have prepared you to deliver care to underserved patients. (Character limit: 2,000 including spaces)

5. Describe your primary motivation for applying to UNR Med, your most important connection(s) to the state of Nevada and any plans for using your career in medicine to support our vision of a healthy Nevada. (Character limit: 2,000 including spaces)


  • Attend a Post-bac Information Session.
  • For additional questions or to receive updated program information, please email the UNR MED Office of Admission.