Department of Pharmacology
Faculty and Staff

Department of Pharmacology

Josh Baker Josh E. Baker Ph.D.
Associate Professor; INBRE Principal Investigator/Director; Interim Chair, Department of Pharmacology
(775) 784-4103


Shailesh Agarwal Ph.D. Shailesh Agarwal Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
(775) 784-4115

Regulation of ion channels and cell signaling by autonomic nervous system in mammalian heart.

Mariam Ba Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
(775) 784-8253
Mariam Ba Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
(775) 784-8253
Dean Burkin Ph.D. Dean Burkin Ph.D.
Professor; Director, Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology Graduate Program
(775) 784-6288

Role of integrins and integrin signaling in neuromuscular development and disease, and integrin signaling in vascular smooth muscle cell plasticity.

Heather Burkin Heather Burkin Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(775) 784-6289

Signaling pathways that regulate stretch induced activation of the human uterine myometrium. Development of therapeutic targets for the treatment of preterm labor.

Iain L. O. Buxton Pharm.D. Iain L. O. Buxton Pharm.D.
Regents Professor, Foundation Professor
(775) 784-4800

Receptor-signal transduction in cardiac and smooth muscle cells. Role of receptor-stimulated phosphoinositide metabolism; agonist-specific regulation of cyclic nucleotide action; role of adenyl purines in myometrial function and hormonal regulation of endothelial cell contractile factors.

Gale Craviso Ph.D. Gale Craviso Ph.D.
(775) 784-4118

Interaction of electromagnetic fields with excitable cells; exploring the potential for nanosecond duration electric pulses of high intensity as a new, bioelectric approach for stimulating neural cells.

Ruben K. Dagda Ph.D. Ruben K. Dagda Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(775) 784-4121

Regulation of mitochondrial biology and bioenergetics by serine/threonine kinases and phosphatases in neurons and in cardiac cells; new signaling pathways that promote synaptic connectivity; development of alternative therapies to reverse mitochondrial dysfunction in age-related brain diseases.

Scott Earley Ph.D. Scott Earley Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmacology
(775) 784-4301

Transient receptor potential (TRP) channels in endothelial and smooth muscle cell function.

Kevin Facemyer Kevin Facemyer Ph.D.
Director of Educational Excellence and Active Learning
(775) 327-2007
Yumei Feng Earley Ph.D., M.D. Yumei Feng Earley Ph.D., M.D.
Associate Professor
(775) 784-4116

Neural cardiovascular physiology; the neural mechanisms of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases including diabetes and obesity.

Robert Harvey Ph.D. Robert Harvey Ph.D.
(775) 784-4119 (office)

Cardiac electrophysiology, cell signaling, and ion channel regulation.

Peter Jones Ph.D. Peter Jones Ph.D.
Associate Professor; Mick Hitchcock Endowed Chair of Medical Biochemistry
(775) 784-1566
Normand Leblanc Ph.D. Normand Leblanc Ph.D.
(775) 784-1420

Role of ion channels in the regulation of excitation-contraction coupling of cardiac and vascular smooth muscle cells in health and disease.

Nicole Procacci
Research Assistant Professor
(775) 682-8841
Cherie Singer Thumbnail image Cherie Singer Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
(775) 682-8360

In addition to her role as the Associate Dean, Dr. Singer is an Associate Professor in the Pharmacology Department, continuing her research on the molecular mechanisms contributing to inflammatory lung disease.

Craig Ulrich Craig Ulrich Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Headshot of Lai Wen Lai Wen Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(775) 682-8203

Molecular mechanisms of leukocyte adhesion and inflammation.

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