Students who have earned a bachelor's degree in a major outside of Speech Pathology and Audiology have the classification of Graduate Special.

Graduate Specials who are interested in applying to graduate school for Speech Language Pathology are required to take a specific set of courses to be eligible for application for graduate school at the University of Nevada, Reno. All of these classes must be taken prior to beginning the graduate program in the department.

Students interested in taking a graduate special sequence are recommended to speak to our graduate special advisor, Rachael Walden to ensure the correct sequence of courses and any additional courses that may be needed.

The following courses are required for the graduate special sequence. Descriptions for the courses can be found under the Courses page.

Grad Special Courses by year
Year Fall Spring
Grad Special Year One SPA 201
SPA 320
SPA 366
SPA 340
SPA 330
SPA 362
SPA 345
SPA 364
Grad Special Year Two SPA 365
SPA 331
SPA 400
SPA 370
SPA 466
SPA 421
SPA 467
[SPA 370]