Graduate Course Offerings

  • SPA 660 Advanced Speech Sound Disorders 3 units
    This course will focus on phonological development, assessment of phonological disorders, and treatment of phonological disorders in children
  • SPA 664 Practicum in Clinical Audiology 1 unit
    Supervised clinical procedures in diagnostic hearing examinations and management techniques.
  • SPA 667 Language Assessment and Intervention: 0-5 3 units
    Assessment and intervention of communication and language disorders in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.
  • SPA 668 Assessment and Intervention of Language & Literacy Disorders 3 units
    Appraisal, diagnoses, and intervention of various language and literacy disorders in preschool through adolescence.
  • SPA 700 Clinical Practicum - Intro 2 units
    In this course, students primarily engage in evaluation and assessment experiences in the UNR Speech and Hearing Clinic.
  • SPA 701 - Clinical Practicum - Intermediate 2 units
    In this course, students engage in evaluation and assessment, and treatment experiences in the UNR Speech and Hearing Clinic.
  • SPA 702 - Clinical Practicum - Advanced 2 units
    In this course, students engage in evaluation and assessment, treatment, and simulated case experiences in the UNR Speech and Hearing Clinic and on occasion, in externship experiences in the community.
  • SPA 703 - Clinical Practicum - Professional Preparation 2 units
    In this course, students engage in treatment, simulated cases, and some externship experiences in the community.
  • SPA 704 - Clinical Practicum - Externship
    In this course, students engage in evaluation and assessment, and treatment experiences in external placements in both educational and medical settings).
  • Research design and methods in communicative disorders.
  • SPA 721 Craniofacial Disorders 3 units
    Causes and treatment of communicative disorders related to cleft lip and palate. An interdisciplinary approach is stressed.
  • SPA 723 Language Theory 3 units
    Nature of language and childhood language disorders with emphasis on specific language impairment and current research in childhood language acquisition.
  • SPA 751 Dysphasia 3 units
    Language and speech disorders related to central nervous system deficits
  • SPA 752 Fluency Disorders 3 units
    Disorders of speech rhythm and fluency. Emphasis on etiology, diagnosis and methods of treatment in children and adults.
  • SPA 754 Seminar in Alaryngeal Speech 2 units
    Principles and procedures in alaryngeal speech rehabilitation, including the artificial larynx, esophageal speech, and tracheo-esophageal speech.
  • SPA 756 Augmentative & Alternative Communication in Speech-Language Pathology 2 units
    AAC processes, assessment, devices/tools, and language systems in speech and language intervention with AAC across the lifespan.
  • SPA 762 Disorders of Voice 3 units
    Causes, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the voice.
  • SPA 765 Advanced Audiology 3 units
    Calibration of test equipment, rationale and procedures used in the evaluation of hearing loss, laboratory exercises.
  • SPA 767 Advanced Practicum 2 units
    Supervised clinical experience in the treatment and management of children and adults with multiple communicative disorders.
  • SPA 768 Seminar in Audiology 3 units
    Special topics, hearing aids, psychophysics of audition; current research and publications in clinical hearing measurement or rehabilitation.
  • SPA 770 Endoscopic Evaluation of Speech and Swallowing 2 units
    Techniques in the administration and interception of endoscopic examination of speech, voice, and swallowing.
  • Students develop basic practical skills in vocal tract imaging procedures
  • SPA 775 Cognitive Aspects of Communication Disorders 3 units
    Traumatic brain injury/closed head injury, right hemisphere disorders and dementia; treatment for these cognitive-linguistic disorders. Neural substrates for language and cognition; assessment principles and procedures.
  • SPA 777 Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders 3 units
    Course will provide a framework for assessing normal and disordered swallowing skills of patients at all levels of care across many types of disorders.
  • SPA 790 Doctoral Seminar in Speech Pathology 3 units
    Comprehensive study of special issues, questions or problems in the field of speech-language pathology.
  • SPA 791 Experience Classroom/Clinical Teaching 3 to 6 units
    Supervised experience in teaching university students both in the classroom and in the clinical setting.
  • Maximum of 9 credits.
  • SPA 793 Independent Study 1 to 3 units
    Offered every fall, spring, and summer.
  • SPA 794 Workshops and Institutes 1 to 3 units
    Intensive study of special topics in speech pathology or audiology. Usually offered during Summer Session.
  • Maximum of 8 credits
  • SPA 795 Comprehensive Examination 1 to 3 credits, S/U only
    Course is used by graduate programs to administer comprehensive examinations either as an end of program comprehensive examination or as a qualifying examinations for doctoral candidates prior to being advanced to candidacy.
  • SPA 797 Thesis 1-6 units
    Offered every fall, spring, summer, 6 credits maximum.
  • Enrollment only by faculty approval.
  • SPA 799 Dissertation 1 to 24 units
    Offered every fall, spring, and summer
  • SPA 899 Graduate Advisement 1 to 4 units
    Provides access to faculty for continued consultation and advisement. No grade is filed and credits may not be applied to any degree requirements.
  • Limited to 8 credits (2 semester) enrollment.
  • For non-thesis master's degree students only.