Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center-NEVADA

Nevada Aids Education Center Meeting the HIV Education and training needs of healthcare providers

The Pacific AIDS Education & Training Center (Pacific AETC) is a member of a national AIDS Education and Training Center network of eight regional and two national centers, covering all 50 states as well as US Territories and Jurisdictions.

The Pacific AIDS Education & Training Center-Nevada works to expand the number and ability of healthcare professionals and organizations in the Pacific region to provide high-quality HIV-related services to increase access to healthcare and decrease health inequities. We work with health care providers, clinics, health jurisdictions, and policy makers in Arizona, California, Hawai`i, and Nevada and the US Affiliated Pacific Island Jurisdictions.

Our Vision

We envision a healthcare system that is accessible, responsive, culturally affirmative, centered in social justice and health equity, where the lessons of HIV and chronic care are fully integrated into patient- and community-centered models. A system where providers have access to the most relevant, current and accurate information and the skills to implement change that meet the needs of their patient populations

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide capacity building services that support local priorities to improve systems of care. We work towards this goal through a robust regional network spread out over four states and the US Affiliated Pacific Jurisdictions, coordinated by our regional office.

Our Core Values

Interdisciplinary; Community-engaged; Sex-positive; Culturally affirmative; Aligned with regional efforts; Centered in social justice

The Pacific AIDS Education & Training Center-Nevada (Pacific AETC-Nevada), located at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, has been supporting clinician education in HIV and STI care since 1990 and has trained thousands of providers. The Pacific AETC-Nevada provides ongoing education for healthcare professionals regarding HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, STIs, and other infectious diseases. The Pacific AETC-Nevada also provides technical assistance and capacity building guidance to encourage clinics and healthcare facilities in Nevada to conduct HIV screening, provide HIV treatment, promote HIV prevention services, and to develop and enhance health care services in the community

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