Project ECHO Nevada

Connecting university-based faculty specialists to primary care providers in rural and under-served areas.

Innovative Telehealth for Nevada Communities

The goal of Project ECHO Nevada is to meet the needs of primary care providers by offering an alternative to costly travel and long waits for patients who need specialty care. By developing the knowledge base of primary care providers through the innovative telehealth consultations offered by Project ECHO, patients in rural and under-served areas benefit from specialty care becoming available locally, and without the cost and time of accessing specialists directly.


Decorative: Project Echo Annual Report Info Graphic. Text REads: Annual Summary 2021 The purpose of Project Echo nevada is to increase health care and public health professionals capacity to effectivly address emerging common, chronic and complex conditions in populations throughout Nevada.  265 Echo Sessions 112 cases 1259 subject matter experts 3,348 healthcare professionals.

2021 Project ECHO Nevada Annual Summary

In 2021, our work continued to support Nevada’s rural and underserved communities and we would like to share our Annual Summary which briefly shows our work. Some key highlights include conducting 265 sessions, addressing 23 topic areas, reviewing 112 cases, and connecting with 3,348 participants from more than 300 sites across the country.

News interview

New partnership with SilverSummit Healthplan

Project ECHO Nevada's Medical Director, Dr. Mordechai Lavi, was recently interview by Fox 11 and Lotus Radio to discuss their recent partnership with SilverSummit Healthplan. This partnership entailed delivering a six-part series for SilverSummit network providers which focused on Pain Management. Through this series, Project ECHO Nevada subject matter experts connected with and trained eleven (11) providers, as well as reviewed five (5) patient cases.

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A rural remedy to health care access

Project ECHO Nevada Program Manager, Troy Jorgensen, was interviewed by High Country News regarding the history of the program at UNR Med and their activities on COVID-19 during 2020. High Country News is an independent publication covering stories from the western United States. This article also features interviews with Project ECHO director and founder, Dr. Sanjeev Arora, and Sandra Root-Elledge, executive director of the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities.

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Charting The Future Of Health Care In Rural Nevada

Gerald Ackerman, Assistant Dean for Rural Health and Dr. Mordechai Lavi, Medical Director for Project ECHO Nevada discuss rural health challenges with the KNPR team. These challenges for rural communities include healthcare workforce shortages, access to care issues, and even some facilities being forced to closed to their doors permanently. However, solutions such as Project ECHO are stepping up to help communities facing these issues.