Interdisciplinary Training

In partnership with Renown Health, the IBRG provides interdisciplinary trainings for UNR Med medical students and the UNR Orvis School of Nursing. Trainings primarily focus on team dynamics, communication strategies, situational awareness, and team attitudes using the TeamSTEPPS® model.

The IBRG's most recent work related to this area has explored the technical feasibility of Virtual Reality Simulation for assessing medical and nursing student communication and situational awareness.

Relevant Publications & Presentations:

  • Maraccini, A., Houmanfar, R.A., , Kemmelmeier, M., Piasecki, M., Slonim, A. (under review). An Interprofessional Approach to Train and Evaluate Communication Accuracy and Completeness during the Delivery of Nurse-Physician Student Handoffs. Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice.