Recent Graduates

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Travis Walker MD Class of 2018

I practice family medicine with obstetrics at Renown in Reno.

How did our residency help prepare you for practice?  I felt like I got a well-rounded family medicine experience. I had a good balance of inpatient and outpatient experiences, strong pediatrics exposure, and great continuity between the inpatient and outpatient world with my patients, especially with my obstetric patients and following-up with the babies I delivered.

What made the residency unique? The residency was special for me in the fact that I could have a great professional relationship, as well as great friendships, with both my co-residents and attendings. I felt like all the residents had a voice in the direction of the residency and could even tailor their residency experience to their interests. I still consider myself friends with my attendings both during residency and today.

Any other special recollections you have of residency? Going to Lake Tahoe on our resident retreat. Resident wellness barbecues and events like spa days, ropes courses, and hanging out during and after work with friends.

What else would you like to share about your life?
In addition to the great medical training it felt like I got, I also got great training in the business of medicine. Between our didactic curriculum within the residency and my for your length of training program (MPH) I feel very prepared for all aspects of medicine I have encountered so far.

Hina Quasim MD Class of 2017

I work as an outpatient primary physician in south Reno with Renown Health

How did our residency help prepare you for practice?
Completing residency with the UNR family medicine program gave me the confidence and ability to go out and practice on my own, knowing my exposure to community medicine was vast and my training was strong.

What things about your residency made it special?
My residency was special because of the people I worked with and the true ‘family' aspect of the program.

What was fun about your residency program?
My residency program was fun because everyone made learning fun and patient interaction fun.

What else would you like to share about your life?
I met my (now) husband in my residency program (as he was two years ahead of me in residency) and fell in love with Reno.  My residency truly changed my life :)

Benjamin Hansen MD Class of 2016

I currently practice as an outpatient family physician at Renown Medical Group in Reno

How did our residency help prepare you for practice? The residency provided excellent breadth and depth so that, without limitation, I could decide how to practice when I finished residency.

What made the residency unique? The faculty were incredible role models who each provided something special.

Any other special recollections you have of residency? Dr. McCarthy taught me to love the burnt coffee in the hospital. Dr. Spogen taught me what it meant to take ownership of my patients. Dr. Fiore taught me to always be guided by the evidence but not constrained by it. Dr. Passalacqua taught me how empathy improved patient care. Drs. Johnson and Williams taught me about "human biological process elimination in austere environments". The list goes on and on...

Diana Cheng MD Class of 2013

My current practice is: Hospitalist/nocturnist

How did our residency help prepare you for practice? It was surprising how much emphasis was placed especially in the first year on inpatient medicine, this gave me a very good base to continue to take more inpatient specialty electives as a senior so that I could further pursue inpatient medicine after residency.

What made the residency unique? It's the same refrain that people have stated over and over again, it's the people. And I think that stems from the fact that residents are so involved in the recruitment of future classes so that we always seem to find colleagues that are approachable, intelligent, laid-back and friendly which makes the entire residency process so much more enjoyable.

Any other special recollections you have of residency? The resident retreats were epic both official and not, the hands-on lectures we had during our noon conferences especially the casting session with Dr. Dolan of orthopedic surgery, and volunteering with other residents at the Tahoe rim trail marathon with my sidekick mastiff as our unofficial mascot.

Mike O'Brien MD Class of 2012

I practice outpatient family medicine for a multi-disciplinary medical group based in the Reno/Sparks area. I also do some inpatient and urgent care work on some weekends.

How did our residency prepare you for your practice?  Family medicine residency gave me a strong foundation in outpatient medicine allowing me to transition very easily to a full-time practice. I was also able to moonlight during my time in residency allowing me to gain experience and autonomy early in my training so when I finished training working on my own was nothing new.

What made our residency experience special for you? The faculty and other residents really come together as a family making the 3 years enjoyable. We are able to do many fun activities outside of work which makes the long hours and stresses more manageable. The Reno/Tahoe area offers so many outdoor activities that are within an hour and with so many of the physicians in town that are active it is really easy to get to know the medical community.

What was particularly fun during your residency? Our clinic is located right next to the Wolf Pack football stadium giving us the perfect place for tailgating. The football team was very competitive during my residency time making the games and parties great.

What else would like to share? I grew up in the Reno area and was fortunate enough to be able to do my Family Medicine training here as well. It is a great community with lots of good bars and restaurants as well as great schools. The outdoor activities cant be beaten.

Dorin Popa, M.D. Class of 2011

I work for Banner Health Clinic which is a multi-specialty practice, in the family medicine department. We are located in San Tan Valley, a suburban area of Phoenix, Arizona. I spent most of my time in an outpatient setting, seeing patients of all ages with a variety of diseases. Every few weeks I also round inpatient in the Newborn Nursery. I usually see the newborn prior to my clinic schedule every morning for an entire week. I rotate with few of my colleagues in the family medicine and pediatric departments.

How did our residency prepare you for practice? University of Nevada, Reno Family Medicine Residency has given me a solid foundation in the practice of family medicine. During my three years at UNR, I was exposed to a variety of patients with all kinds of pathologies. That helps me now be able to see patients quickly, make decisive treatment decisions and acknowledge which patients require more counseling, specialty referral or inpatient management.

What made our residency program special for you? The faculty at UNR are priceless. They provided me with lots of autonomy during my second and third year. Thus, now I have the confidence that I need to practice medicine. All the staff at UNR was available at any time to discuss any patients and/or even personal issues. UNR, however, wasn't just a place where I received a great training. It was a place where I developed long life relationships, had lots of fun and grew as a person. If I were to do my NRMP rank list again, I would still rank UNR first.

What else would you like to share? UNR will always be a large part of my life and hope to someday be able to give back at least a fraction of what they have done for me.

Amanda Casey, M.D. Class of 2009 

I practice full-spectrum outpatient family medicine (without obstetrics) in rural Nevada. I take pediatric call and provide inpatient pediatric care at our local Community Hospital. I also take 1-2 shifts per week in our Urgent Care.

How did your residency prepare you for practice? I feel that our residency prepares physicians to practice in many different areas of medicine. I feel that my training prepared me well in the hospital setting, outpatient setting, pediatrics, geriatrics, gynecology and obstetrics. I was taught a wide range of procedures and continue to do a number of procedures in my clinic, including vasectomies, circumcisions, colposcopies, joint injections, biopsies, and lesion removal.

What made your residency special? Reno has such a small town feel with all the amenities of a larger city. I made some great friends and got to know many of the specialists I work so closely within my current practice

What was particularly fun during residency? Resident Retreats! We did some great things together, like the rope course in Tahoe, Cooking classes and go-cart racing. Our attending physicians were fantastic and covered our hospital and clinic duties so everyone could attend.

What else would you like to share? My husband and I grew up in rural Nevada and now have the opportunity to raise our two daughters in the same wonderful environment. Northern Nevada has so much to offer, great activities for the whole family, good food and amazing people.