Student Grievance Policy (other than grades)

(ARC-PA 5th Edition Standards A3.15g)

Effective: 5/16/2023


Students who believe they have grounds for a grievance related to policies and procedures of the PA Studies Program, other than a grade appeal, must utilize the following steps. Students may be guided through this process by contacting the Office of PA Admissions and Student Affairs at (775) 682-7669.


Step 1 - Initial Communication with Instructor or Faculty

The student should attempt to first discuss the issue or situation directly with the faculty or instructor as soon as it is identified. This interaction intends to establish communication about the issue and attempt to resolve it without engaging in the formal process. The student may request another faculty member to accompany them. The student may not bring legal representation to this meeting. However, if a satisfactory resolution with the faculty or instructor is not achieved, the formal process, as outlined below, may be initiated.

Step 2 Formal Process to submit a Notice of Grievance

The student may submit a written Notice of Grievance Form to the PA Student Progress Committee (SPC). Should the grievance be directed at the SPC, the student will submit the Notice of Grievance Form to the Program Director. A grievance must be initiated through the formal process during the academic semester when the concern was raised or within the first two weeks of the following semester (or clerkship) if the issue or situation occurred at the end of the semester. The SPC will attempt to reconcile the issue(s) between the student and the faculty or instructor through the process described below.

  1. Student submission of:

Notice of Grievance Form

    • Description of the issue involved with supporting documentation;
    • List of any witnesses or support persons that may be contacted for more information;
    • Any action(s) taken by the student, faculty, or instructor and the program;
  1. The SPC will provide a copy of the submitted grievance to those named in the grievance.
  2. The faculty or instructor named in the grievance will provide a written response within five (5) business days of receipt. The written response will be addressed to the SPC and copied to the student. The faculty or instructor must be prepared to defend their decision or action based on policy, professional standards, and/or sound professional judgment.
  3. The SPC will review all submitted documentation, including the faculty or instructor's written response, within five (5) business days of receipt of the faculty or instructor's written response. If the committee members need additional information, they will request an interview with the involved parties and/ or supplemental written documentation.
  4. The SPC will render a decision in writing within five (5) business days after receiving the additional required information. The written decision will include documentation of the steps to resolve the grievance. Copies of the written decision will be provided to the student and the faculty or instructor and placed in the student's file as a part of the permanent record.

Step 3 - Submission of Appeal to Grievance Decision (if applicable)

  1. If the student believes the issue has not been resolved satisfactorily, the student shall submit a written appeal of the grievance decision to the Program Director within five (5) business days of receipt of the decision from the SPC.
  2. The Program Director will review the original grievance, submit documentation and responses, and issue a written confirmation or revision of the decision. This action should take place within five (5) business days of receipt of the appeal from the student. 3. Only when the grievance is with the PA Studies Program Director the student may bypass the Program Director and appeal directly to the Dean of the School of Medicine. At any point in the process, the Dean of UNR Med may determine a different course of action. 4. After following this process, if the student remains unsatisfied with the results of the Grievance Process, they may appeal to the Dean of UNR Med within five (5) business days of the decision by the SPC and/or the appeal decision from the Program Director

Reviewed. 5/28/23