Student Counseling Services and Supplemental Resources Policy

(ARC-PA 5th Edition Standards A3.09, A3.10)

Effective: 5/16/2023

Mental Health and Counseling Services

The mission of UNR Counseling Services is to provide personalized culturally-responsive mental health services, training, and outreach to the University community. By doing so, we promote an inclusive learning environment supportive of mental health, diversity, social justice, student personal growth, and academic success.

PA faculty may contact UNR Counseling Services to discuss how to assist distressed or distressing students regarding personal issues that impact their progress in the PA Studies Program.  Students can meet with a clinician on the same day during Urgent Care walk-in hours. More information can be found at Counseling Services.

Students can also be referred by the Student Health Center for psychiatric/counseling services.  Students can make a same-day appointment with a primary physician at the student health center to obtain a referral for mental health services.

This information can be found at the Student Health Center.   PA Studies Program principal faculty, the program director, and the medical director are NOT allowed to participate as a PA student's health care provider, except in an emergency.  Students should not ask any faculty member to consult on a personal health issue or see them in a clinical setting.

Reviewed. 5/28/23