Student Identification Policy

(ARC-PA 5th Edition Standards A3.06)

Effective: 5/16/2023

All students attending the UNR Med PA Studies Program will represent themselves as students, not licensed practitioners. Despite credentialing before entering the program, students will clearly identify as students. An example would be: "My name is ___________, I am a PA student in the UNR Med PA Studies Program."  Students must immediately clarify their role as PA students should anyone mistake them for a licensed medical provider. 

Throughout the curriculum, students will be instructed on proper language to introduce themselves to clinical professionals, patients, faculty, families, and other staff or administrators.

Preceptors will be oriented to this policy during the initial site visit, and using the Preceptor Handbook will emphasize that this policy must be maintained at all times in the clinical and/or professional setting. The Preceptor End of Clerkship Student Evaluation will capture student compliance.

Appearance:  While in clinical clerkships or any other activity sanctioned by the program in a clinical setting, the PA student will wear a short white coat with the UNR Med PA Studies program name and logo and a nametag or badge with their status as "student" or "PA student" clearly printed and in full view on the coat at all times. Violating this policy will result in disciplinary action beginning with an appropriate adjustment to the professionalism assessment component of the course grade. If a student loses his/her badge and/or nametag, they must immediately notify the facility administrator and the clinical coordinator. A new nametag will be ordered, and the student will need to create a new, professional-looking nametag in the meantime.

Exception:  If the preceptor deems it appropriate not to wear a white coat, the student must notify the clinical coordinator immediately. This will be documented in the student's record and will not count against the student in the professionalism assessment component of the grade. However, if there is no notification of this and the student is found in violation of this directive, the professionalism grade will be adjusted accordingly.

Reviewed. 5/28/23