Student Work Policy

(ARC-PA 5th Edition Standards A3.04, A3.05a-b, A3.15e)

Effective: 5/16/2023

Working for the PA Studies Program (ARC-PA Standard A3.04)

PA students are prohibited from working for the program while enrolled.

Students Substituting as Instructional Faculty (ARC-PA Standard A3.05aStudents shall not substitute for or function as instructional faculty.

Students with specific prior knowledge, experience, and skills may assist faculty in didactic and laboratory sessions to share their knowledge and skills. Students are not to be the primary instructor or instructor of record for any component of the curriculum.

Students Substituting as Clinical or Administrative Staff (ARC-PA Standard A3.05b)

Students shall not substitute as clinical or administrative staff.

Student and outside Employment (ARC-PA Standard A3.15e)

Due to the intensity and rigor of the program, students are strongly discouraged from seeking or maintaining employment while enrolled in the PA program.

If a PA student chooses to work during the program, it is his/her responsibility to ensure that employment does not interfere with their learning experience nor hinder academic progress. Program expectations, assignments, deadlines, examinations, and other student responsibilities will not be altered or adjusted to accommodate a working student.

Reviewed. 5/28/23