Change of Faculty Appointment from Administrative to Academic

To Whom this Policy Applies

Administrative Faculty

Who Needs to Know This Policy

Administrative Faculty


These guidelines address the exceptional situation of a faculty member whose job description has evolved significantly where 1) the duties are at least 50% aligned with an academic appointment and 2) the faculty member meets degree criteria for an academic appointment.


Certain special circumstances would exist when the nature of a job or role has changed to the degree that a change in faculty type is appropriate. Policy states that requests will only be considered under all of the following circumstances:

  1. The duties of the faculty member have evolved to the point where at least 50% of effort is spent in teaching and/or scholarship (externally funded research, academic publications, dissemination of original work at academic meetings)
  2. The faculty member has served ten or more years on an administrative faculty appointment at UNR Med.
  3. The faculty member has earned Annual Performance Evaluations rated "commendable" or better for the past three years in appointment and has never received an unsatisfactory evaluation.
  4. The faculty member holds a terminal degree as defined in the UNR bylaws and/ or UAM for the academic rank being requested
  5. The originating department or unit must provide a description of how the administrative work that the individual was originally hired to do will be covered.
  6. The chair of the receiving academic department must provide a letter of support outlining the faculty member's new role statement and a comprehensive funding plan including a description of funding sources and how the faculty member will generate a portion of their salary as defined in the UNR Med compensation plan for academic faculty, using the non-physician model for non-physicians.
  7. The level of appointment to be determined by a vote of the academic faculty at or above the anticipated level of appointment in the receiving academic department. These are non-tenure track appointments.

Other factors achieved during administrative appointment at UNR Med may be considered but not limited to:

  1. advancement to terminal degree
  2. scholarly publications
  3. external grants and contracts
  4. teaching evaluations

Policy of the University of Nevada, Reno - School of Medicine
Effective or Revision Date: 12/3/2018 Policy for Request to Change to Academic Appointment

Responsibilities & Procedures (as needed)

Process and Routing of request

  1. A written request to change a faculty member's administrative appointment to an academic appointment type must originate from the director of the administrative unit that employs the faculty member in question. This request memo must outline how the required criteria 1-8 are met and include a new job description and annual activities plan.
  2. The academic chair writes a letter of support as described under required criteria 6 and 7.
  3. Review of request and letters of support by Senior Associate Dean for Faculty
  4. Approval by Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
  5. Approval by Dean
  6. Approval by Provost