Volunteer and Joint Faculty Compensation Policy

To Whom this Policy Applies

(University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine) UNR Med volunteer and joint faculty

Who Needs to Know This Policy

UNR Med faculty, staff, and community partners


As a community-based medical school, UNR Med relies on community partners, joint faculty and volunteer faculty to achieve our missions in medical education, which are "student education and postgraduate training that produces global leaders in medicine." Community-based faculty are one of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine's most important partners. They share their knowledge, skills and abilities with our students and residents in a wide variety of practice environments. More importantly, these faculty members offer a holistic view of medicine and act as mentors to students and residents, guiding them to successful careers as physicians.

This policy clarifies the compensation principles for faculty members who are not employed by UNR Med in order to establish consistent practices and expectations.


Volunteer and joint faculty teach students and residents of UNR Med coincident with patient care and provide occasional didactics to learners. UNR Med does not provide monetary compensation to individuals for this teaching contribution. Through our Office for Community Faculty, UNR Med offers faculty development, benefits, and School of Medicine events to recognize these important contributions.

Community or joint faculty members who have assigned administrative roles relating to the School of Medicine programs may receive compensation tied to that administrative role. Each compensated administrative role has a position description that details associated duties, expectations, evaluation, and reporting relationships. These roles may be compensated through a university Letter of Appointment (LOA), contract, or in the case of the joint faculty, through institutional agreements.

It is UNR Med policy that if a clinician is compensated by UNR Med, all clinical revenue associated with associated teaching activities is assigned to the UNR Med practice plan.


  • Community Faculty -volunteer clinician faculty
  • Joint Faculty - community faculty employed by an eligible institution

Responsibilities & Procedures

For compensated roles, UNR Med hiring authority defines roles, compensation and funding following the UNR Letter of Appointment or Professional Service Agreement (or other contract) processes specified by UNR Med Office of Operations and Financial Services.