Intent to Apply for Promotion and/or Tenure Policy

To Whom this Policy Applies

Academic faculty eligible for promotion and/or tenure

Who Needs to Know This Policy

Academic Faculty, Department Chairs, Office for Faculty


The purpose of the policy is to ensure that faculty members declare their intent to apply for promotion and tenure early enough in the annual promotion and tenure cycle to have the greatest opportunity for success. The application for promotion and/or tenure is a time-intensive process that requires input from a network of individuals. There should be ample time for the applicant to thoroughly prepare their materials for submission. There should be ample notice and time for the network of individuals at the institution supporting the promotion process to contribute to the applicant's portfolio development.


Faculty members who anticipate applying for promotion and/or tenure should submit a written communication of "intent to apply for promotion and/or tenure" to the Office for Faculty by the end of business on January 31st of the calendar year in which they intend to apply. If January 31st falls on a weekend, intent to apply is due on the third Friday of the month. The faculty member shall include their department chair or equivalent on all communication related to their "intent to apply for promotion and/or tenure."

The "intent to apply for promotion and/or tenure" does not bind the faculty member to apply in that year. The burden of demonstrating that the standards for recommending appointment with tenure have been met lies with the applicant for appointment with tenure.

Responsibilities & Procedures

It is the responsibility of the faculty member's chair or equivalent to discuss promotion and/or tenure with each academic faculty member each year as part of their annual review and development of an academic activities plan or role statement and to objectively appraise and accordingly advise the faculty member on their readiness to apply. A probationary member of the faculty must be evaluated and advised regarding progress toward tenure recommendation no later than the end of the third full academic year as a probationary member of the academic faculty of the university and, if not granted tenure, annually thereafter.

It is the responsibility of the individual faculty member to determine when they wish to apply for promotion and to notify the Office for Faculty of their intent to apply for promotion and/or tenure.