Children's Behavioral Health Program Series


Primary care settings are where most childhood-onset health conditions are identified and where care is coordinated for these conditions. Mental health conditions should not be an exception, but many Primary Care Providers (PCP) report a lack of confidence when diagnosing and coordinating behavioral health care for children and adolescents.

These online training videos will increase the capacity of Primary Care Providers (Pediatricians, Nurses, and Physician Assistants) to manage behavioral health conditions and increase provider skills and confidence in integrating children's mental health into their primary care practices. Additionally, many rural and frontier community primary care providers lack convenient and affordable access to education and training specifically in the area of children's mental and behavioral health despite often being the main source of healthcare for families in those communities. Providing training videos in a convenient online format to Primary Care Providers means that children and families (especially those living in Rural/Frontier Nevada communities) will experience increased access to behavioral health services and supports because their PCP has increased their clinic's capacity to manage those conditions.

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There is no charge to participate in the sessions. 

Program Support

The State of Nevada, Division of Child and Family Services (D.C.F.S.) – Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Grant is responsible for payment to secure Continuing Medical Education (C.M.E.) units for these Online Training Videos. State of Nevada, DCFS – Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Grant staff will not profit in any way from participant viewing of these four Online Training Videos and Grant funds are managed in accordance with the ACGME Standards for Commercial Support.

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