Curricular Structure

The Foundations curricular structure is made up of integrated blocks that offer a more consistent approach to teaching science concepts within a clinical context, limited lecture hours and emphasizes lifelong learning strategies.

The blocks use a “case of the week” format to align course content with clearly defined objectives which map out the work necessary for successful student learning. Each block concludes with an assessment week for clinical skills testing and a comprehensive examination.

The Practice of Medicine and Advanced Clinical Skills run longitudinally during the Foundations blocks and include community-based preceptorships in both academic years.

The Context of Patient Care focuses on skills and preparation needed for entry into Clerkships.

Academic Calendar 2022-2023  

Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Assessment Calendar 2022-2023

Updated calendars for AY23-24 will be available by the first day of the curriculum year. Until then, learners and matriculants are directed to the MESC approved AY23-24 dates. All absence requests must be made within the absence policy, including appropriate, timely notification to block directors outlined in the policy.