Year 2 Structure

Block Structure

The Year 2 curricular structure includes 31 weeks of instruction. The five blocks for Year 2 include the whole body, the nervous system, human behavior, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, endocrine and reproductive systems. The practice of medicine runs concurrently with the blocks for both fall, which includes ambulatory care experiences, and spring.

Block 6 - Foundations and Principles of Medical Science II - MED 636 - 7 weeks

Fundamentals of medical microbiology, immunology and pathology, including microbial chemotherapy; cell and tissue injury, inflammation, and repair; hematology and anemia; introduction to population-based medicine. Limited to M.D. students.

Block 7 - Whole Body - MED 637 - 4 weeks

Students learn about cancers and infectious diseases that invade, evade and pervade the whole body, causing systemic pathologies. Carcinogens and microbes affect humanity worldwide. Limited to M.D. students.

Block 8 - Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Renal Systems II - MED 639 - 7 weeks

This course provides a foundation for understanding basic principles of underlying pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases associated with the cardiovascular, respiratory and renal systems. Limited to M.D. students.

Block 9 - Gastrointestinal, Endocrine, and Reproductive Systems II - MED 640 - 6 weeks

Provides a foundation for understanding the basic principles underlying the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with the endocrine, reproductive, and digestive systems. Limited to M.D. students.

Block 10 - Nervous System and Human Behavior II - MED 638 - 6 weeks 

This course explores the basic and clinical science relevant to the etiology and treatment of psychiatric and neurological conditions. Limited to M.D. students. Limited to M.D. students.

USMLE Independent Study - 10 weeks

This week-long course is offered to all second-year students. The course brings back specific faculty who conduct half day workshops that pertain to specific high yield material for Step 1. Students learn material, work through problems, get their questions answered and then do practice blocks to assess the information they have learned.

Advanced Clinical Skills/Preceptorships - Fall - MED 623 - 18 weeks

The community-based preceptorships and accompanying clinical experiences are designed to strengthen the history taking, physical examination and clinical reasoning skills of the students and includes Ambulatory Care Experiences. Limited to M.D. students.

Advanced Clinical Skills - Spring - MED 624 - 12 weeks

A combination of classroom and small group instruction focusing on the practice and acquisition of advanced medical clinical skills. Limited to M.D. students.

Context of Patient Care - MED 641 - 4 weeks

Students are immersed in the context of patient care including life stages, community and preventive medicine, procedures for reporting violence, health policy, and patient safety. This course also prepares students for the Clerkship experiences.


Students are required to take Steps 1 and 2 of the United States Medical Licensing Exam before they graduate. Students must receive a passing score on Step 1 before progressing to the third year and must pass Step 2 in order to graduate.