Clinical & Co-Curricular Planning and Management

Clinical Setting Requirements

There are four requirements for every clinical experience, including research in a clinical setting, while attending UNR Med: 1) A preceptor is acquired through UNR Med channels, 2) The preceptor gains a faculty appointment prior to commencing teaching, 3) An active affiliation agreement is in place if required by either UNR Med or the affiliate, and 4) Student credentials are secured for the site(s) where the preceptor may attend.

For research opportunities, please see the Office of Medical Research's information page.

Depending on the experience, students are responsible all or in part for ensuring these requirements are in place, and for following the proper procedures. 

Co-Curricular Activities (shadowing, research)

All UNR medical students planning to participate and/or request clinical, service or research experiences must submit a request for authorization a minimum of 3 months prior to the planned start date. This time will allow for the initiation and processing of a new affiliation agreement if needed, in addition to community faculty appointment processes for the preceptor(s)/mentor(s). Please complete the Co-curricular planning form. For more information, please see the student handbook.

Clerkship Planning & Management

While preceptors and affiliates are prepared by the school, students are required to

  • Students are required to attend the clerkship planning workshop and Clerkship Prep Course to help ensure they are prepared and learn their responsibilities
  • Keep credentials active at the VA by logging into their computer system every 89 days

Elective Planning & Management

Students are required to

  • Attend the electives planning workshop
  • Follow the established procedures 
  • Keep credentials active at the VA by logging into their computer system every 89 days