Confirmation of Housing (required)

Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements and the cost of housing accrued. Housing volunteers are available in some communities and some housing is free of cost to students. This assignment is required by all students even if rotation sites are within driving distance.

Learning Contract (required)

The student and preceptor will negotiate mutual expectations by completing the Learning Contract at the beginning of the rotation.

Interprofessional Collaboration Report (required)

Each student will discuss with at least 3 different interdisciplinary health workers and submit a one page paper on each on the following question: How do you intend to communicate and work with other health professionals in a manner that optimizes safe and effective patient care?

Honors Project (optional)

Note: Project MUST be completed to be considered for "Honors" grade.

Goal: To enable students to understand and participate in community activities at a professional level.

Clerkship Evaluation (required)

Students are expected to complete the following evaluations:

  • Clinical Teaching Evaluation
  • Clinical Clerkship or Elective Evaluation

Students will evaluate the rural rotation and their preceptor through the one45 online system. Automated email reminders will be sent following completion of the rotation.

Students will not receive a final grade for the Rural Rotation until all required course materials have been completed and returned.

Return all completed forms via Canvas or to Lea Pope.