Grant Citation

Citing NIH-NIGMS in Projects Supported by Nevada INBRE

NIH requires that all investigators (faculty, staff or students) who give presentations, posters and/or publish their work on projects funded wholly or in part by INBRE funds include the following acknowledgment on their work:

This publication [or presentation or poster] was made possible by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (GM103440) from the National Institutes of Health.


The project described was supported by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (GM103440).

As appropriate, the following disclaimer should be included:

This [project's] contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of NIH.

NIH Public Access Policy and PMCID

The NIH Public Access Policy requires scientists to submit final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that arise from NIH funds to PubMed Central (PMC) immediately upon acceptance for publication. Please visit the NIH Public Access page for additional information about compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy, including the use of PMCID in citations.

Anyone submitting an application, proposal or report to the NIH must include the PMC reference number (PMCID) when citing applicable papers that they author or that arise from their NIH-funded research.

**PLEASE NOTE** If the only support provided by the NV INBRE for a publication was the use of a shared resource (i.e. Bioinformatics Core) and no INBRE staff are listed as authors, a PMCID is not required and the following acknowledgment should be included in the publication:

This publication [or presentation or poster] was supported by the NV INBRE grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Conflict Resolution Plan

The Administrative Core will minimize conflict through frequent communication with faculty, staff and administration at each partner institution through site visits, Outreach Communication Committee meetings, and the NV INBRE Annual Meeting. In the event that a conflict should arise, the PD/PI will follow the steps of the NV INBRE Conflict Resolution Plan. Dr. Baker will work to resolve conflict by identifying and addressing the conflict through open communication, treating all parties with respect. He will explore alternative solutions with all parties to find a solution agreeable to all parties. If the first phase of informal conflict resolution fails to resolve the issue, the Dr. Baker will refer the conflict to the External Advisory Committee who will review documents, discuss issues with all parties (separately or jointly) and identify paths to resolution. The decision of the External Advisory Committee will be considered final for all parties involved in the conflict.