In Vivo Imaging Core

In Vivo Imaging group allows in-vivo real time imaging of mice rats and guinea pigs utilizing different technologies. Sequential imaging is standard, allowing the test subject to be its own control. These technologies include:

  1. Ultrasound imaging, through use of an In Vevo 2100 Ultrasound machine, allowing 3D and color Doppler images as needed.
  2. X-ray digital imaging, through use of an Summit digital x-ray unit model 50-520, allowing any soft tissue and bone imaging.
  3. Confocal endomicroscopic imaging, through use of the Cellvizio system, allowing the imaging of cell to cell interactions and cellular anatomy in real time imaging with the use of tagged fluorescent antibody reporters.
  4. Bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging, through use of the IVIS Lumina Series III platform. A full spectrum of wavelengths including near-infrared with complete analysis capabilities, including multispectral unmixing for high fluorescent sensitivity, makes this a leading optical imaging platform for many types of in vivo studies.

These technologies are available with or without technical support, Individual operators must be adequately trained and show proficiency prior to use without the technical support. For individual costs please contact In Vivo director Ben Weigler for current cost structures.

In Vivo Director

Ben Weigler
(775) 784-4874

Technical Assistance

Rebecca Evans
(775) 784-4874

Administrative Assistant

Michelle Mauricci
(775) 784-4874