INBRE Research Facilities

Nevada Center for Bioinformatics (CFB)

The Nevada CFB provides research resources, services and training to Nevada scientists in the support and development of existing and new research programs and grants.

Mick Hitchcock Ph.D. Nevada Proteomics Center (NPC)

The Nevada Proteomics Center offers high quality mass spectral and electrophoretic proteomic analysis using state-of-the-art technologies to all research faculty and students.

Nevada Genomics Center (NGC)

NGC is a core facility on the UNR campus designed to aid researchers in the study of genes and their function. Our goal is to provide quality, timely, and reliable service to research laboratories. The structural and functional genomics services we provide include Sanger Sequencing, Next-Gen Illumina Sequencing, Fragment Analysis, and various support services.

In Vivo Imaging Core

INBRE's In Vivo Imaging group allows in vivo real time imaging of mice, rats and guinea pigs utilizing different technologies. Sequential imaging is standard, allowing the test subject to be its own contro.

Cell Analysis Core Facility

The Nevada Cell Analysis Core Facility provides assistance in the design, execution and analysis of flow cytometric experiments including cell sorting. The CACF also offers spatial molecular imaging via a Nanostring CosMx and some light 3d printing options to University of Nevada, Reno labs.

Nevada Genomics Core Facility

The Genomics Core Facility located at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is designed to aid researchers in studying the properties and functions of genes and their products via structural and functional genomics services. Services are available to investigators nationwide.