Project ECHO

The goal of Project ECHO Nevada is to meet the needs of primary care providers by offering an alternative to costly travel and long waits for patients who need specialty care. By developing the knowledge base of primary care providers through the innovative telehealth consultations offered by Project ECHO, patients in rural and under-served areas benefit from specialty care becoming available locally, and without the cost and time of accessing specialists directly.

For our clinics we utilize Zoom, a FREE video conferencing software. Please visit our Getting Started page for more information on how to connect to our clinics!

ECHO Clinics: Upcoming By Month

ECHO Clinics by category and month
Category Dec 2020 Jan 2021 Feb 2021 March 2021 April 2021 May 2021
Antibiotic Stewardship 12/17 (Thu)
Cancer Survivorship 12/1 (Tue)
Complex Pediatrics 12/11 (Fri)
NAVIGATE First-Episode Psychosis 12/1 (Tue)
12/4 (Fri)
12/9 (Wed)
12/11 (Fri)
12/22 (Tue)
12/23 (Wed)
Nursing Home COVID-19 12/7 (Mon)
12/14 (Mon)
12/21 (Mon)
12/28 (Mon)
1/4 (Mon)
1/11 (Mon)
1/18 (Mon)
1/25 (Mon)
2/1 (Mon)
2/8 (Mon)
2/15 (Mon)
2/22 (Mon)
Nutrition Education 1/26 (Tue) 2/2 (Tue)
2/9 (Tue)
2/16 (Tue)
2/23 (Tue)
3/2 (Tue) 4/20 (Tue)
4/27 (Tue)
5/4 (Tue)
5/11 (Tue)
5/18 (Tue)
5/25 (Tue)
Orientation 12/8 (Tue)
Pain Management 12/2 (Wed)
12/16 (Wed)
Palliative Care 12/18 (Fri)
SBIRT for Women's Health Professionals 12/7 (Mon)
Advance One Month