Marketing & Advertising

Ads & Signage


Print ads, like posters, invitations and flyers, offer tangible visibility and complement digital efforts. Follow our brand style guidelines and utilize our brand templates to assist you in creating advertisements.


Digital VISIX screens can be used to display information about an event or program around the UNR Med campus - e.g., Center for Molecular Medicine, Pennington Health Science and Pennington Medical Education (lower and second levels). To include your content on the screens, please contact Marketing and Communications.


When creating on-brand external and internal building signage, UNR Med’s primary logo should be the most prominent element. For signs that identify a department or affiliated organization of UNR Med, an approved sub-logo may be used.

All ad and signage designs should be reviewed by Marketing and Communications.


Internal Communications


An e-newsletter can be a valuable tool for keeping audiences informed, engaged and connected. When speaking to an internal audience, Nevada Medicine Weekly and Student News are options to include content. 

External Communications

Social Media

When speaking to an external audience, social media is a good platform to share events, news, updates and more. UNR Med currently has a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X (Twitter) run centrally by Marketing and Communications. All social media content must adhere to the University’s social media guidelines

Nevada Today

UNR Med also works with the University’s communications team to share relevant content on Nevada Today, NSights and Ask the Professor.

To submit newsworthy content for placement in a UNR Med or University outlet, please fill out the content submission form.

Swag & Apparel

Customized apparel and swag are a great way to demonstrate UNR Med involvement. Depending on the nature of the apparel or swag, our logo may be printed, etched, embroidered or otherwise imprinted on the item.

All giveaway, swag and apparel items must follow the brand style guidelines outlined in this toolkit. Vendors may not adjust our logos in any way.

Before ordering, please first request an artwork review and then submit a print release.

Have questions? Need assistance?

We're happy to assist with your content submission, web update, photography request or event consultation. This is also the place to request an artwork review or submit a print release.