Guidelines for Submitting Web Tickets

One : One Rule

One : One Rule = 1 page to be edited : 1 ticket to be submitted

Web Ticket Guidelines:

  1. Identify Specific Changes: Clearly identify the specific changes you need on the website. Break down the updates into distinct categories such as text revisions, image replacements, broken links, or page additions.
  2. Provide Context: Offer context for the changes by explaining why they are needed and how they contribute to the overall goals of the website. For example, if you're requesting a new page be created, explain how this new page will better serve the UNR Med community. Or if these changes are needed for accreditation, please specify that in the ticket description.
  3. Use Concise Language: Use concise language to describe the changes. Avoiding technical jargon, complex terminology, or abbreviations. Describe what you want to achieve in straightforward terms that are easily understood.
  4. Be Specific: Include the URL to the page needing edits. Provide detailed instructions for each change, including the exact text to be added or modified, the location on the website (e.g., specific page or section), and any formatting preferences (e.g., bold text, bullet points).
  5. Attach Files: If the changes involve replacing images or uploading files, attach the relevant files directly to your ticket. Ensure that the files are properly labeled and organized for easy reference. Image and file size limit for upload is 1MB.

Suggested Methods:

  • Use a Word Document with tracked changes. Submit this document with the ticket or upload to a box folder and share the link to the document in the ticket. This method works best when a significant amount of the content on the page is to be edited and is text based.
  • Use a Word Document with strike through text. Copy and paste the content to be edited from the web page into a Word Document. Strike out the old content and next to it add the new content. This method works best for quick, straightforward web edits.
  • Take screenshots. Use screenshot to capture the content on the web page in need of edits. Add this image to a Word Document. Then provide the new content under the image. This method works best when there are changes to be made but are spread throughout a single webpage.

Following these guidelines and using the suggested methods is the best way to effectively communicate your changes to the web team and help facilitate smooth collaboration and accurate implementation of website updates.

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