Dual Degrees

At the earliest, a student may apply to a dual degree program following the successful completion of his/her first semester of medical school. The student must be in "good standing" and should receive a letter of approval from the Student Promotion and Conduct Committee.

While most students choose to do their graduate coursework between Years 2 & 3, it is also possible to do so between Years 3 & 4. A student's application must be completed and submitted prior to December 31st of the year prior to program entry.

Both the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs and the Office of Medical Education should be notified of your interest in a dual degree program.

Initial inquiries should be directed to Brady Janes, Director, Curriculum Assessment and Development. (775) 682-7733.

The following Dual Degree Programs are available at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine:

  • M.D.–Ph.D.
  • M.D.–MPH
  • M.D.–MBA

These degrees require application to the University of Nevada, Reno Graduate School utilizing the application process, tuition, and financial aid that all graduate students must use.

During the time a student is enrolled with their second degree program, they are determined to be not enrolled with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, except where overlapping elective credits are allowed.

Program Information