Virtual Health & Well-Being Resources

We understand that this is a challenging time that has likely disrupted your normal routine. We would like to help you recognize your strengths and resilience and offer tools to support your well-being on and off-campus.


Mental Health and Mindfulness


Create a calm space. A calm environment helps cultivate a calm mind. Personalize your space by hanging photos of loved ones or places that bring you joy, add scents that bring comfort, and open your blinds and windows to let in sunshine and fresh air.

Write it down. Set time aside in your day to put your thoughts down in a journal to contain your worries. Writing out your worries will help with stress reduction by clearing your mind and organizing racing thoughts. This can also help calm an active mind before bed and help you fall asleep faster.

Get sleep. Set a firm bed time to make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Getting enough sleep helps support your brain and body to maintain health.

*Tips for good sleep: follow the same bed time routine each night, try meditation, turn off your screens at least two hours before bed, and journal or write a to-do list if you can’t turn off your brain

Get outside. Exposure to nature can help reduce stress and boost your mood. Local parks and nearby hiking trails are great spaces to connect with nature.

Balance your media diet. While it may be important to stay up-to-date on the latest news, there is such thing as too much media. Set limits to the total amount of time or number of times you check the news and/or social media for updates each day.

Seek out help from a mental health professional. If you are struggling right now, we encourage you to reach out to on- and off-campus resources such as a counselor or licensed therapist.


Student Health Center Psychiatry Services

The Student Health Center offers psychiatry services by referral for mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and stress management.

UNR Counseling Services

Counseling services offers individual and group counseling, urgent care services, and psychological testing.

Virtual Relaxation Room

Counseling services offers interactive experiences to reduce stress.

Insight Timer

An app that offers over 45,000 free guided meditations designed to reduce stress and anxiety.


An App that offers free guided meditation and stretching, music, and imagery to promote relaxation and mental health.

Some Good News

John Krasinski offers good news from around the world with the help of celebrity guests.




Eat well. When possible, support your health by consuming a variety of vitamins and minerals. Plan regular meals that include protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.


Student Health Center Nutrition Services

Schedule an appointment with our Registered Dietitian, Renee Bauer, MS, RDN, by calling (775) 784-6598. All nutrition therapy appointments include assessment, counseling, and education.

Pack Provisions

Pack Provisions is a free service provided to students who need assistance accessing perishable and non-perishable food.

Easy Recipes to Cook While You’re Self-Quarantined

This resource offers simple recipes that use common, house-hold staples.

Easy Recipes for College Students

Budget Bytes features recipes with college students in mind by creating budget-friendly recipes that use limited ingredients and require minimal kitchen equipment.


Physical Activity


Get moving. Aim to meet the recommended guidelines of 150 minutes of exercise per week. Physical activity and muscle movement support physical and heart health and are a natural stress reducer and mood enhancer.


Fitness and Recreational Sports Home Workouts

The UNR Fitness Center offers guided home workouts on their YouTube channel and Instagram Live.

Yoga with Adriene

A YouTube channel that offers guided yoga classes you can do from home.

Nike Training Club

A free workout app offering strength, endurance, yoga, and mobility training. Their workout library features classes ranging from 15-45 minutes and can be customized to your fitness level.


Connecting with Others


Connect with friends and family. Find ways to keep in touch whether through phone calls, FaceTime, social media, or even virtual game nights. As coronavirus restrictions are eased, remember to follow guidelines such as continuing to maintain social distance to keep you and your loved ones safe. Remember, social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation!

Carefully navigate romantic relationships. The novel coronavirus can be easily spread through respiratory droplets through your mouth and nose. This may make it challenging to navigate existing and new relationships. One Harvard physician offers tips to stay safe, maintain social distancing orders, and continue your romantic relationships.

Read more on Harvard Health Publishing.


Jackbox Games

Jackbox games are designed for 1-8 players and can be purchased on a variety of electronic devices. Each game allows players to join from their phones meaning you don’t need to be in the same room to be connected.

Netflix Party

This browser extension allows you to synchronize what you are watching and includes a space for group chat.


Substance Use


Consider quitting. Some researchers and physicians have presented evidence that smoking cigarettes and vaping may increase your risk of infection and the severity of illness. If you are considering quitting, there are resources available to you that can help.

Avoid excess alcohol and drug use. Coping with stress through alcohol and drug use is not a good long-term solution and may cause disrupted sleep leading to more stress. Try incorporating stress reduction activities such as exercise and mindfulness into your daily routine.


Nevada’s Recovery and Prevention (NRAP)

NRAP offers a space for students who want to live a sober lifestyle, recovery groups and meetings, and wellness groups and coaching.

Virtual Recovery Resources

SAMHSA provides a list of virtual recovery resources that support continued social connections.

CDC Quit Smoking Resources

CDC offers tips, quit plans, and social support connections to help you quit smoking.

Making the Most of Our New Normal


Try a new hobby. Do you have more time on your hands right now? This may be a good time to get out of your comfort zone and try that activity you have always wanted to but maybe didn’t have time for previously.

Give yourself permission to do nothing. At the same time, finding that you have more time in your day doesn’t mean you need to fill it. Allow yourself permission to relax and do whatever is best for you. 

Remember to be kind. We are all figuring out how to navigate our new normal. Call your neighbor to see how they are doing, consider a positive post on social media, send a card to a friend, and find opportunities to volunteer virtually or from a distance.