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Student Coverage

We strive to make all of our services affordable for students. If you have paid your student health fee, there is no charge for your primary care office visit; however, there may be charges for additional services such as medications, labs, X-ray, and specialists. For questions regarding the costs of specific services, contact the Student Health Center. We recommend that all students check to see that they are currently covered and have supplemental medical insurance. The University sponsors a student insurance plan for graduate, medical and international students only. The Student Health Center will submit bills for the University-sponsored insurance plan, but is unable to bill outside insurance. The Student Health Center is not a Medicaid/Medicare provider.

We take great pride in serving our students with the highest quality care possible! By providing excellent care we hope to enhance your campus experience.

  • Health Insurance

    What is Student Health Insurance?

    The University of Nevada, Reno offers a student health insurance plan to graduate, medical and international students only. This plan is a major medical insurance plan specifically designed for students. As a University graduate, medical or international student, dependents can be added to this plan. Dependents are not eligible for care at the Student Health Center.

    What is the Student Health Fee?

    The Student Health Fee is not an insurance policy. Paying the health fee entitles you to use of the Student Health Center, unlimited primary care office visits, certain laboratory tests and reduced cost of prescription medications. However, procedures, X-rays, and referrals to specialists result in an additional cost. If you are enrolled in 6 or more credits you have automatically been assessed the Student Health Fee. If you are enrolled in less than 6 credits you need to pay the health fee to be seen.

    What are the benefits?

    This insurance policy for Graduate, International and Medical students is currently provided by United Healthcare. It is an accident and sickness policy. There are certain limitations and restrictions of this policy which you can review by reading the Benefits Summary. 

    Please be advised that your student health insurance plan summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) document is available by contacting USI Student Insurance Services at (800) 853-5899 or at the following link.

    If you have additional insurance questions please contact the Student Health at (775) 784-6598.

    Insurance Link

    Insurance Waivers

  • Forms and Downloads
  • Medical Records

    To request a copy of your medical record, you must fill out and sign a medical records release form. The completed form can be faxed, mailed or emailed to our office. It may take up to 30 days to process this request.

    • Fax: (775)784-1298
    • Mail: 1664 N. Virginia St. MS 0196, Reno, NV 89557
    • Email:

    A copy fee of $.60 per page applies to medical records requests. 

    Please include the following information in a request for medical records:

    • Name
    • Birthdate
    • Complete address and phone/fax number
    • The last semester you were seen at the UNR Student Health Center

    We keep medical records for 7 (seven) years after a student is last seen at the UNR Student Health Center. The records are then destroyed. You may request a copy of your medical record any time prior to the seven-year deadline.

  • Medical Excuse Policy

    The Student Health Center will not provide medical excuses for missed classes, exams, or assignments. This policy is based on our limited resources, which are better dedicated to providing health care; the inability for us to make valid determinations about illnesses or injuries students may have effectively managed through self care; and our commitment to student privacy.

    Exceptions to this policy may occur if, in the judgment of a health care provider at the Student Health Center, the student will be out of class for an extended period of time due to a serious illness or medical condition. Examples of serious illnesses or medical conditions may include but are not limited to:

    • Mononucleosis, which may require bed rest and/or removal from campus
    • Hospitalization and/or surgery
    • Severe injury or illness requiring prolonged bed rest
    • Highly contagious diseases (chicken pox, measles)

    If required, proof of your visit can be printed from your Patient Portal.

    This policy is consistent with the recommendations of the American College Health Association and is similar to other colleges and universities.