PA Studies Program Admissions Process

Application Submission

Applicants will submit applications and all supporting materials such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc., thru the Central Application Service for the Physician Assistant (CASPA) on or before the program's published deadline. No exceptions will be made for late materials. To view information on Admissions, please visit Requirements & Prerequisites.

(Please note that admission to the PA Studies Program is competitive. Meeting the Program Requirements & Prerequisites does not guarantee an interview or admission).

Program Screens and Reviews Applications

Applications submitted through CASPA are screened and reviewed for compliance with published program Requirements & Prerequisites. Applications are reviewed by two separate reviewers who evaluate applications utilizing the program's defined Selection Factors. The Admissions Committee will select candidates for a interview in the fall of each year.

Admissions Committee Notifications

The program's admissions cycle begins the final week of April and ends mid-December of each year. All applicants who applied to the program and verified in CASPA will receive an email from the program by the end of the admission cycle.

Applicants who complete interviews are ranked by Preference Points and considered by the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee will select candidates based on preference points, selection factors, cumulative reviewer ratings, and interview results. Candidates are notified in writing if selected for admission.

Acceptance and Non-refundable Deposit

To secure your seat in the class, Selected Applicants are required to respond, in writing, to the program and include a non-refundable deposit of one thousand dollars ($1000). If enrolled, this deposit is applied toward the applicant's first-semester tuition.