Year 2 Medical Students

Medical students at the School of Medicine have many diverse specialty interests. Some students have a specialty in mind in Year 1, others will not decide until later in their medical education. The Office of Student Affairs, clinical faculty and mentors will help each student pursue his or her career goals.

Competitive Specialties

  • Continued strong academic performance to build foundational knowledge in preparation for Step 2
  • Continued contact with your clinical mentor and Student Affairs
  • Continue extracurricular activities

Year 2 Medical Student | Career Advising Activities
Career Advising Activities Required Approximate time of activity
Careers in Medicine Required May
Learning & Wellness Resource Center 1 on Meetings Required  
Competitive Specialties Workshop Recommended December
CV Workshop and Review Required April
Clerkships & Selectives Planning Workshop Required January
Post-Step 1 Advising Meetings Required Varies
Year 1-2 Specialty Interest Advising Workshops Required January-February
Careers in Medicine Collaboration with Student Interest Groups Required Varies
Career Advising 1 on 1 Meetings with Clinical Advisor  Required