Sales Events on University Property

The Sales Events on University Property policy details the rules and restrictions regarding sales on University property. University and university-affiliated entities may allow sales at events on campus that are

1) directly related to the purpose of the event (e.g., book sales following a guest speaker, T-shirt sales as part of an ASUN student club activity, department-sponsored sale of student art projects) and;

2) approved by the responsible dean or vice president. All funds received through such sales must be handled following standard university fiscal procedures. Sales by commercial vendors are allowed only in the following circumstances:

  • The WolfShop sells commercial items in the assigned bookstore area;
  • Commercial vendors leasing space in the Joe Crowley Student Union sell items as per their leases;
  • Intercollegiate Athletics authorized vendors for ICA-sponsored events;
  • The Lawlor Events Center sells commercial items in conjunction with a scheduled activity;
  • Officially recognized athletic booster clubs sell commercial items to raise funds for intercollegiate athletics in conjunction with a scheduled athletic event;
  • Licensed vendors invited to campus for a formal university function.

Miscellaneous sales such as garage sales, craft sales, etc. and sales by individuals are not allowed on campus. Groups unaffiliated with the University may not conduct sales at events held on university property.