Graduation Requirements

The following are the requirements for graduation from UNR Med that must be completed within six (6) consecutive years. The faculty of the school is responsible for determining these requirements and, therefore, the requirements are subject to change. Students failing to meet the graduation requirements will be subject to dismissal from UNR Med.

  • Each student must have satisfactory completed all years 1-4 coursework, including year 4's 36-week electives.
  • Each student must meet professionalism standards throughout their medical school career.
  • Each student must pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 1 prior to progression to the third year clerkships. The Office of Admissions and Student Affairs must receive evidence of a passing score for the Step 2 Clinical Knowledge Exam prior to ten calendar days before the date of graduation.
  • The faculty has the right and power to require additional coursework or clinical experiences prior to graduation.
  • Each student must pass all medical school courses pursuant to the grading and promotion policies contained herein.
  • Each student must have repaid in full the short-term, interest-free University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine emergency loans, if applicable, prior to graduation.
  • Students must not be on probation.
  • Research experiences are encouraged to round out a student's medical school experience. However, research experience, summer preceptorships, and other electives activities prior to the third year will not count toward the weeks of required instruction for graduation.

Academic Hooding

The UNR Med Academic Hooding Ceremony is held mid-May. Attendance is required of all graduating medical school seniors. Students who have extended their curriculum for any reason (e.g. research, illness, and academic concerns) are not eligible to participate in the Hooding Ceremony until they have completed all academic requirements for graduation with the M.D. degree.