Residency Interviewing and Relocation Financing

As you start applying for and preparing for residency, many of you are wondering how to manage the additional cost of relocating.

If you have not borrowed loans up to your budget for the current school year, and you feel you may need additional funds for 4th year residency expenses, contact the Assistant Director of Financial Aid to learn if you are able to increase your current loans.

Questions and items to compare

  • Interest rates (variable or fixed)
  • Loan fees and limits (application, origination or early repayment fees)
  • Repayment terms (when does repayment start, maximum repayment period)
  • Default and late payment charges
  • Check your Annual Credit Report (credit checks standard for private loans)

Please note that due to changes in federal regulations, the Office of Student Financial Aid at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine is not allowed to offer recommendations on any lending program.

The following independent website Private Alternate Loans offers a current listing of all private alternative loans. Students are encouraged to use these resources to research terms and criteria for various loan programs and make an informed choice for residency and relocation loans.